Jimmy Moore's latest NuttyK Update

Yep folks, more lies!   I'll send you to Facebook for this update ;-) , you'll see why in a minute.  Well Jimmy has lost a bit more weight and is now at 240.2 which puts him at the brink of seeing a 23_ on the scale any day now.  This means he's now only 10 lbs over his "goal weight" from 2004.  

However, he has lied once again to his readers when in his blog post he says 
My current weight of 240.2 is the lowest I’ve been since I started this experiment and I’m within a whisker of being back in the 230′s again…something I haven’t seen since 2006. 
Umm.  Not true.  And I'd love to hear the speculation as to why he would lie like this ... repeatedly ... about something he hasn't purged from the internet and of which there is such a clear record!  

He lied, even to David Duke!, about his low weight achieved, which was at least twice 215 lbs (one of those times 2-3 pounds less than that), and he was in the 220's long enough to have "owned" that milestone, yet he doesn't.  

Since he got close to 250 he's claimed he hadn't seen that weight in 5 years, despite a picture showing he weighed 248 and change after his 6 day fast fail (April 2011) on his website!   This is more in the web of lies that has included, since I "met" him in 2009 his repeated assertions that he was never able to shake his creatine weight gain in late 2007-early 2008 despite weighing in the 230's for a few months in 2009.  

So now he makes the claim that he hasn't weighed in the 230's since 2006.  Huh?  How can he forget weighing under 215 after KimKins in Summer 2007??  I mean an episode that dramatic is hardly forgettable!   Or that he started 2007 weighing 220.  Or that he came so close in 2009 to his "elusive" 230 lbs by weighing in at 236 and change that January?!!  

It all seems to be part and parcel of moving the bar, I imagine to fool newcomers into believing he's in uncharted territory when he's been here again, and again, and again.  Why is it that nobody else other than Regina Wilshire dares to point this out to him ... or the rest of us for that matter?  Of course with his censoring of comments on his blog, few will know the truth.  There is no honesty in LLVLC-land.

One of the more hilarious things is that Jimmy wrote on FB:  
"I've been tracking with my food intake, exercise, blood sugar, blood ketones and weight to analyze it and attempt to have it published as a case study in a scientific medical journal.
Oh ... I see that's also been changed to:
With the new year here, I'm focused now more than ever before on finishing strong on this experiment. A researcher has already agreed to take all my data I've been tracking with my food intake, exercise, blood sugar, blood ketones and weight to analyze it and attempt to have it published as a case study in a scientific medical journal. AWESOME!
Any serious researcher who would even consider doing  this in any reputable science journal is nuts!


Unknown said…
Puddleg said…
Off-topic here but I thought you might like to see it:


Professor Craig J. Currie of Cardiff University and his associates evaluated data from the UK General Practice Research Database, 2000-2010 for 84,622 patients with type 2 diabetes who received glucose-lowering drugs. Subjects were treated with metformin, sulfonylurea drugs, insulin, metformin plus sulfonylureas, or metformin and insulin for no less than 180 days.

Compared with those who used metformin alone, treatment with sulfonylurea drugs was associated with a 43.6 percent greater risk of experiencing an initial adverse cardiac event or cancer, or death from any cause during the decade examined. For insulin alone, the risk was 80 percent higher and for insulin combined with metformin, the risk was 31 percent higher. Among those with no prior history of the events, insulin therapy was associated with nearly twice the risk of heart attack, a 73.6 percent higher risk of major adverse cardiac events, a 43.2 percent greater risk of stroke, a 43.7 greater risk of developing cancer, 3.5 times the risk of kidney complications, and more than twice the risk of neuropathy or dying from any cause in comparison with the risks experienced by those who used metformin.

"By reviewing data from CPRD between 1999 and 2011 we've confirmed there are increased health risks for patients with type 2 diabetes who take insulin to manage their condition," stated Dr Currie, who is affiliated with Cardiff University's School of Medicine.
Susanne said…
If you want to sell things on the internet, especially in the crowded weight-loss and diet sphere, you've gotta have a gimmick (pace Auntie Mame if I'm remember correctly). Mark Sisson's, if you look at his website, is abs, bushy blond hairdo and Malibu. For others, it's the MD, or the PhD -- much slimier tactic to me, especially if it's in a field nowhere related to nutrition, but look at how prominently it's often featured on their front page, whether they're books or websites. This is Jimmy's apparently: the continuing "struggle against the odds" and the occasional backslide, tearful confessions/appeals, moments of triumph and redemption. As commenters have noted here before, these are dramatic themes that resonate especially well with certain Christian demographics, especially in the US. He's added to it (possibly from the hipster tribe, I don't know its origins that well) the N=1 self-experimentation and perpetual self-documentation habit, then throwing everything up on the internet, warts and all. It's really very up-to-the-moment in tapping into the zeitgeist, and it also allows him an automatic out of labeling any criticism of his methods or statements as "haters". Because he has revealed it all himself, you see, he's being so HONEST, so if you pick on any of it, you're just being a meanie. And then that makes his hardcore followers even more devoted, because they're sticking with him against the meanies.

(Confession: I keep up with American popular culture by reading Gawker, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen very similar cycles rolled out there whenever some celebrity or non-celebrity or politician says something stupid on Facebook or in front of a camera.)
Sanjeev said…
> researcher has already agreed to take all my data I've been tracking with my food intake, exercise, blood sugar, blood ketones and weight to analyze it and attempt to have it published as a case study in a scientific medical journal. AWESOME!
because counting calories is just TOO TOO HARD, one must stab one's self multiple times PER DAY and spend ... HOW MUCH !?!?!!?!?! on test strips

"out of the frying pan, into Fukishima's reactor core ... "

> agreed to take all my data

Anyone feel some Henny Young jokes coming down the pike?
Sanjeev said…
> continuing "struggle against the odds" and the occasional backslide, tearful confessions/appeals,
Thanks for bringing up some undigested 80s chuck ...

Jimmy Moore, the Jim part of "the Jim & Tammy Fae of weight loss".

Next up: a Keto theme park.
Steven Hamley said…
Without reading the study I suspect those result may be due to:

Metformin simply being a better drug (it actually treats an underlying pathology)
Or metformin is the first line of defence and the people taking insulin have more severe diabetes

Though I wouldn't be surprised if very high insulin levels have several undesirable effects
OnePointFive said…
"Or metformin is the first line of defence and the people taking insulin have more severe diabetes£
I agree, It's a study using the data from GP registers. Insulin is normally introduced after met and then med +sulfs have 'failed' (and anecdotally, insulin is often used as a threat so often resisted) It'snot really surprising that these people faired worst
CarbSane said…
Very good Susanne!

Interesting Sanjeev -- I think of that analogy often. And I guess that bodes well for the Jimster because his namesake had(s) another church even after doing time for the PTL crimes.
CarbSane said…
My thoughts too Steven & OPF. Whether it's "threatened" or not, there is definitely a demonization of insulin that leads to many putting off taking it. There's also a patient of Mary Vernon's who was one of her "success stories" -- The goal of this doc seemed to be to get the patient off meds, not glycemic control, as Vernon felt it was "success" to get this woman's FBG down to 180 w/o meds. Things that make you shake your head :-(
Diana said…
Well all of this speculation is interesting but it doesn't really address why Jimmy wouldn't be more forthcoming about the fact that his weight has gone below 230 several times since 2007.

My guess would be (a) he doesn't want to remind people of the Kimkins debacle (b) per Susanne, it helps his message to look like a suffering sinner but it doesn't help to look like a man who simply has no control and who careens wildly from one extreme to the other.

Just Ducky said…
Moore lied within the post regarding daily weight too when compared with his daily chart from 1/26-2/1, where his weight was reported higher on his daily finger stick chart than on this new post about the month.
Just Ducky said…
1/26 242.6 242.___
1/27 241.8 240.8
1/28 243.8 242.___
1/29 244.4 242.6
1/30 243.4 241.6
1/31 244 242.8
2/1 243 241.4

He didn't even keep his two charts straight.
CarbSane said…
To be fair, he did say he was fully clothed during the hourly prick fest.

It is interesting how he is surprised to be fitting clothes at 240 that he wore at 230. He attributes this to all that musckle he's built over the years. Must be hard to reconcile with his 35% BF vs. that 11% he used to boast over!
Diana said…
156 pounds of LBM on a 6'3" man is very slight.
Laura Semmens said…
How long did your comment stay up? Either no ne else has bothered or he deletes everythng.
Woodey said…
He deletes everything that doesn't jive with his jive.
CarbSane said…
At most 10 minutes, likely less than one ;-)
CarbSane said…
Between his pricking and fasting, and Dana Carpender's every other day 1000 cal days it's a real selling point for LC!
twoidhd said…
To be fair, he did say he was fully clothed during the hourly prick fest

Now that was funny!
I am not a scientist or researcher or even a science writer, never have been, but even I went, "Huh?" when I saw that status update. What researcher takes self-obtained/self-reported data from equipment that can't even be checked for accuracy and uses that for ANYTHING? That's not research. That's anecdote.

I don't need a science degree to see that's worthless.

I'd worry about the education and caliber of said researcher...
Unknown said…
Can you say NuSci??
marksuave25 said…
Wow! So one must be a scientist or go and pay someone at a lab to do blood ketone testing or blood sugar testing for the information to be valid? That makes no sense to me. All of this, carbsane's blog, hyper lipid's blog and whoever else's blog or podcast is based off of their personal experiences. For me to say that my blood sugar dropped and my weight dropped and my cholesterol dropped when I added carbs back into my diet isn't worthless. It is one person's experience that another can replicate and see if they get the same results. My wife can eat a lot of eggs and her cholesterol stays in the normal range. I can not. Her ability to do that isn't worthless, it works for her. Gary taubes has said he can eat all the meat he wants and won't put on weight. Most people can't. Hell a guy ate 25 eggs a day and had normal cholesterol levels. Jimmy can't do that. Look, give any diet suggestion a college try, if it works for you, then good. If it doesn't, try something else. But don't belittle others for being out in the open with their results or lack there of.
CarbSane said…
Mark, I didn't get that from Mir's comment. She is responding to the possibility of Jimmy's case being formally written up and reported in the scientific literature. I didn't see her (or me for that matter) belittling his result.

Speaking for myself, however, anecdotal claims made on the internet are to be taken skeptically because it is impossible to verify most. It is one reason I have made a deliberate effort to separate my own from "science posts". But in Jimmy's case, despite years of (now deleted) daily menus blogs indicating otherwise, Jimmy claims nothing he did prior to NuttyK worked for him. That he gained weight inexplicably and suddenly in Dec 2007 and could never get a handle on it followed by more slow, steady gains. This is a lie. We know he'll get up and repeat that lie as his wife sits in the audience and later joins him on stage.

Will the documentation in this case study include his urinary tract infection? Protein and crystals in his urine? The main thing is that case studies are not "epic biohacks", however diligently documented, shopped around to screenwriters (MD or PhD) to develop a concept to shop around to the studios (peer review journals).
marksuave25 said…
LOL to the studio part of your response. A guy on YouTube, which no paleo, low carb blog has addressed is plant positive. Plant positive changed my mind on low carb and saturated fat and I thanked him for it. But him and I a few months ago argued over the objectivity of nutrition scientists. Everyone is biased, even those people who call themselves scientists. The Atkins foundation would never officially say that their diet was bad, even if the science said so. Dr. McDougall nor Dr. ornish would say that a low carb diet was good even if the science said so. now if Jimmy's experiment gets into a peer reviewed journal. That should he held against the journals not Jimmy.