I'm going to make this short here.  It is not bullying anyone to say ones piece regarding the generally accepted inappropriateness of associating with or doing business with white supremacists, exposed scammers, proud misogynists, racists, anti-religious bigots, etc.  In the case of Robb, I was trying to inform him of the full details vis a vis Jimmy Moore.  He chose to do with that information what he did.

Everyone in the Incestral Health Community knows what Nikoley has done and has condemned it in private. Many have written it off to alcoholic psychosis.  They don't know "what's gotten into him".  But then they don't like to get involved in these sort of things because it might inconvenience them or whatever, and they do/did nothing.  

One might have hoped that Nikoley could keep his resolution to stay out of it.  Robb Wolf and my interactions are none of your business Richard.  Yet he has once again gone on a c*nt-filled rant against Melissa and myself.  If anyone reads the Zohan posts and thinks I was bullying Robb or stalking him, well, to use Robb's favorite expression that started this all, you lack reading comprehension skills.

But devout Catholic and Perfect Health Diet book author Paul Jaminet has, along with Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf (and likely others) in linking to and thus legitimizing Nikoley in this community.  This should be unacceptable.  Imagine if each of you will, this were a woman in your life.  How about it Paul?  Shou Ching? What does she think of all of this.  Speaking of which ... She is the one with the relevant scholarly chops here, why do we never hear from her in any of these podcasts and at these various conferences.  How about it Robb?  How about if it was your wife or daughter?   Ditto to Mark Sisson. 


Oh ... and speaking of breast milk illogic, Paul says the macro content of breast milk is one premise upon which PHD is based because it is of similar composition in all mammals.  And yet the diet (as in food actually consumed) of adult mammals spans the spectrum from herbivore through carnivore.  Perhaps this is more consistent with the dietary needs of infant mammals  being similar to nourish that unique phase of life.  The extreme differences between infant and adult diets within mammalian species would seem to indicate that breastmilk is irrelevant to the appropriate diet of the adult.  Just thinking.  

Meanwhile, y'all will be comforted to learn that Robb's outreach to women is to bring paleo to actual whores (dictionary definition).  You really can't make this stuff up.


Las said…
"Many have written it off to alcoholic psychosis."

Maybe, but I'm more inclined to think that Nikoley doesn't believe half the crap he spews. Acting the way he does gets him attention, and attention = money. The man knows his audience.

He's FoxNews, essentially.

I'm even more convinced of this after reading all those emails you posted. The fact that all of them email each other and talk strategy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Rob's comment about not addressing the Kruse situation early on because--I'm paraphrasing--he feared creating an us vs. them situation and having people side with Kruse was especially telling. I thought Paleo was all about free thinking and being so much more intelligent than the mainstream; about not having gurus because it's all just so logical. But apparently we have Wolf, Sisson, etc. discussing how best to control how their audience think. Okay then.
MM said…

I'm really sorry you have to deal with this stuff. I think you have more restraint than I would have sitting on these emails and taking Wolf's crap for so long. It's bizarre to me what the paleo crowd has devolved into. Vulgar Nikoley is A-Ok! Paul even considers his mind similar to RN's, but somehow you are offensive? WTF is equivalent to "go fuck yourself"?? Paleo talks at whore houses? Podcasts with neo-nazis? Honestly, how can you stand to be in this community anymore? I realize you are providing a service to those who have been misled, but at what point is it not worth the stress? I don't want to see your blog go away. I think it's great, and I do hope you are reaching people who need it. I guess I consider myself an outsider looking in at this point. I will not be a part of this cesspool.
Travis Culp said…
He's always been a charlatan masquerading as a scientist. His Fear-Based Eating plan is the same repackaging of Atkins as every other one of these hucksters. I couldn't be less surprised that his great mind is on the same level as that dickless buffoon.
Unknown said…

"Now that the excess alcohol issue is out in the open, I can add some perspective to why I called off the "war." Some of my actions—though by no means all—were alcohol induced to various degrees. Accordingly, I didn't trust myself to always make sound decisions about how I behaved in the midst of a wholly antagonistic situation.

That isn't the case, anymore. People can believe anything they want about my motivations concerning yesterday's awful rant, but it won't change the fact that it was done stone cold sober. Or, in other words, you simply don't have that to fall back on, anymore.

...And in case you're wondering, no. I didn't "seek help." Read a book or two, pretty much all crap. You want to cut back drinking to sane, controllable levels?

Good nutrition, priority number one. Whole milk and kefir can be your weapon #1.

Just stop overdoing it, end of story. Eat something nutritious or drink a glass of milk instead.

Find something better to do than get sloshed. Easy if you put your mind to it.

So, I'm at a crossroads. I can continue to pop up as many "cunt" posts as I want and do so with a completely clear conscience, because I know exactly what I'm doing. I would prefer not to.

Accordingly, Melissa McEwen and Evelyn Kocur, should you accept:

Everything the two of you have already posted remains.

Going forward, you focus on the science, Evelyn. You stop calling out basically good and decent people in the Paleosphere, LowCarbosphere and Ancestralsphere, and stop calling it "Incestral." Take up a sciency issue if you like, but don't call those people out. You know what I mean, where that line basically is, and so does everyone else.

Melissa, keep up PaleoDrama if you like, but focus on the Paleofantasy aspects, i.e., the silly and ridiculous people obsess over when they start on this lifestyle, like, y'know, sleeping on the floor with a rock as a pillow, no covering and the heat turned off. Silly shit like that. Again, you know what I mean and so does everyone else.

You are welcome to target me in any way, shape, or form.

In return:

I will take down yesterday's awful rant and the post earlier this morning.

I will never publicly or even privately say or write another ill word about either of you.

I will reserve the right to link up something either of you have posted that I find valuable to people (science, Paleofantasy).

Think it over, discuss amongst yourselves. You know how to reach me.

There will be an update to this post one way or another. That update will be one of the following three possibilities:

The terms have been mutually accepted and executed.

Alternate terms of XXX have been mutually accepted and executed.

Melissa McEwen and Evelyn Kocur have rejected the terms outright.

Melissa McEwen and Evelyn Kocur have proposed alternate terms and I have rejected them.

Stop the MADness, or don't, but at least give it some serious thought and try to consider how quickly everything could be just a hunky dory luvfest and everyone could get back to playing some valuable role in actually helping the billions of people internationally who could really use it.

Be wise in your deliberation."
Diana said…
I scanned Nikoley's latest late night...have to admit, even I was shocked. Why or how anybody associates with this creep is totally beyond me. He's a toxic waste dump.

Paul, if you are reading this, WWMD? (what would Maimonides do? You are pretty good at quoting him.)
Unknown said…
Its all shocking and disgusting what is happening atm. So sorry for you Evelyn.
Anonymous said…
It beggars belief that Rikard hasn't been kicked to the kerb by the paleo gurus proper.
Harry's Acolyte said…
It really is amazing that anyone would associate with Nikoley at this point.

I wonder if his wife and father feel pride when they read those blog entries.
Harry's Acolyte said…
Oh, and LOL at him inserting himself into this and then GRACIOUSLY offering his version of a "detente." No one asked him to butt in and his proposal of terms is pathetic.

I never before guessed that he may have mental problems, but I'm not so sure now.


- Richard Nikoley, successful Paleo dieter
(turning to milk-only diet to lose weight)
an3drew said…
1. I look forward to Jaminet's strong response to Richard's behavior.

2. Whatever happened to Richard's videos he was hawking?

Unknown said…
Little Dick just banned me because I mentioned Robb Wolf and the whores.
Did anyone else read Richard's latest and have this come to mind? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc
Las said…
I need someone to explain to me why Nikoley has always had such a hard-on for Jimmy. For years now, Nikole immediately jumps to his defense, which always struck me as really weird even back when I mostly liked his blog. Jimmy is the exact type of person Nikoley would rage about if Jimmy were a vegan. His weight, his religion, his "nice" guy persona--all would be fair game for mockery if he didn't happen to be LC. But Evelyn calls him out on blatant lies and Jimmy becomes a point of negotiation. WTF? Is there some serious money involved between those two? That's the only thing I can imagine Nikoley caring about.
river rance said…
“People are spineless cowards these days and I was not going to cave just to make my own life easier.” Robb Wolf 3/17/13 posting on The Scribble Pad.

Correct you are sir! Let’s name some spineless cowards is light of Richard Nikoley’s latest rant against women that are stronger then him(not the word he uses to describe women that threaten him).

Robb Wolf (avatar even has loving wife on it) and you have a daughter.

Jimmy Moore (avatar also has loving wife on it)

Mark Sisson has a wife and daughter.

Paul Jaminet (picture of loving wife front and center on web page)

All of you are “spineless cowards” for not denouncing publicly and distancing your selves from this vulgar human. ALL OF YOU.

So I agree with Robb Wolf; until these husbands of women and fathers of girls denounce this un-civil behavior you sirs are in the words of Wolf him self, all “spineless cowards”.

When any of you men ( I use the term loosely) decide to do the right thing and quite cowering in the corner, in fear of Nikoley and denounce Nikoley for his irreverent behavior just ask for “Blue Boy” that’s me...I’ll be holding my breath.
river rance said…
Jimmy is a helpless looser and associating with him disguises Nikoley's flaws and makes him feel superior…sickening….but that's how Jimmy Moore gets thru the door, he makes people feel better only because they say "well at least I'm not as screwed up as JM".
Unknown said…
So now Richard is full out dairy.

" I'm drinking 70 total ounces per day of whole milk and kefir "

" I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to have a meal or even a day each week that's kind of a "refeed" day. I did that Tuesday, post workout, where I made a potato soup with kefir (I'll put the recipe up on the blog soon) and also did 100 oz of milk/kefir instead of 70. For next week I think I'm going to do a good old 24-30 hour fast in advance of my Tuesday afternoon workout, followed by a couple of potatoes and as much milk & kefir as I can drink that night; and then 100oz on Wednesday."

"As some know by now, I outed myself on my own blog about drinking too too much, too often. Crept up on me over time as basic Paleo was so awesome that tolerance for alcohol seemed to be a bottomless pit. Yep, if you have the disposition, you can get smashed regularly, spout off on Twitter and elsewhere for fun, and have zero sign of a hangover the next morning.

Eventually, however, you'll probably hit the old diminishing returns area, as began becoming apparent to me in roughly the last half of last year. That results in doing other stupid things like eating too many crap indulgences too often, packing on pounds, and generally just not having that same great bulletproof feeling all the time. Too many bouts of heartburn, too.

So I cut way back around the first of the year, probably by about half or more. Problem is, it didn't help me feel much better. A bit, but less than expected. Plus, it was a struggle often enough to overcome cravings for a buzz. Enter milk. Before I even began this intervention, actually before the potato intervention, I did a couple of weeks of adding a good amount of milk to my diet, perhaps about a quart per day. And I noticed something. First, that I began having bouts of awesomeness in terms of well being. Second, far less alcohol cravings and spontaneous lowered consumption if I did cocktail it.

Then I go full on milk and just simply began losing my taste for it altogether, most days. So now consumption is way way down and most days of the week in week one, I wasn't having a drink at all. And what's more, as I mentioned in last week's Newsletter, those three days I did have a few drinks, I felt like complete crap, which forced me to wonder if I had just gotten used to feeling crappy and now that I'm not, the difference was too pronounced to ignore.

I've even come to the point of seriously wondering if I ought to just toss the sauce completely."

"this is the easiest, most effective thing I've ever done in terms of health and weight loss intervention. Plain Paleo was great for feeling good and dropping 60 pounds rather easily. That last 20? Not so easy at all. In order to get enough of a caloric deficit, I was screaming hungry far too often. But right now, I'm already comfortably at a sufficient caloric deficit to get all the way to 160 without hitting caloric equilibrium, and doing so feeling great and with almost no hunger.

Moreover, this has not been anything where week to week I start slacking off little by litter until I just move on. The exact opposite is the case. I'm getting more precise about it as the weeks roll on because it's so effortless and enjoyable.

I will reach that goal finally, and it's not that far off. And as I wrote before, when I do, the last laugh and the last obscene gesture will be accounted for."

Can anyone say ED (eating disorder)
Puddleg said…
Sue, why be sorry for Evelyn? None of this had anything to do with her. I be critical of RN nobody comes after me. I say my piece and be done with it.

As for Evelyn, "bullying" is too strong. Stalking ditto. Even bugging. The correct technical term for her treatement of Taubes, Moore, and Wolf is harassment.
"It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing."

There is a background to this in that those 3 people Evelyn has harassed most repetitively are those who were naive enough to enter email correspondence with her and treat her as a colleague, only to become the focus of her grievances. People who came along later and have been more wary, openly dismissive of Evelyn, or offensive to her in other ways - RN, David Duke, Woo, Kruse, for example, may be blasted in passing, but she does not really waste that much time on one-on-one harassment of them. It is the people who have TRUSTED her once - and one might say the people whos success she has most reason to envy - that are now the true focus of her reiterative and self-perpetuating grievances.

Anonymous said…
From http://freetheanimal.com/2013/03/godfather-pacino-thought.html#comment-411234

(She’d not have seen it. We actually get along way better when she DOESN’T read my blog—there’s a tidbit for some to ponder).

Have to ponder this for so long....hmmm maybe it's because by not reading your blog she doesn't fully realise what a complete fuckwit you are.
Anonymous said…
From http://freetheanimal.com/2013/03/godfather-pacino-thought.html#comment-411234

(She’d not have seen it. We actually get along way better when she DOESN’T read my blog—there’s a tidbit for some to ponder).

Have to ponder this for so long....hmmm maybe it's because by not reading your blog she doesn't fully realise what a complete fuckwit you are.
Unknown said…
Also - if he's eating nothing but milk and kefir then he will at some point suffer from severe vitamin/mineral shortages which will cause severe health problems. You CANNOT survive on a milk only mono diet long term.

Some people will do it as a type of cleanse for 10-15 days max. He's 3 weeks into it and shows no indication of quitting.

How come no one in the community is pointing out how stupid/dangerous this is?

Like JM with his 80% HFVLC diet he will get people to follow him on this and people will get sick - VERY SICK

How much responsibility do people like this bear?

Anonymous said…
Actually reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKhEw7nD9C4
Unknown said…
Lol. Overweight paleo diet guru's with alcohol problems turning to all milk diets. A low carb creationist Paleo advocate who's also an overweight diet guru with total cholesterol in the high 300's. Did I mention he's writing a book on cholesterol?.

This is just all serious comic gold. Durianrider seems like the sane voice of reason when you match him up next to these crackpots.
Simon Carter said…
I have to completely agree with you, river rance. This has been a real eye opener for me. Is there that much money in this game for these guys to behave in this shameless way?
Dustbunny said…
I think you're all seriously underestimating Evelyn.
Simon Carter said…
Charles, you forgot to account for the vitamins and minerals in all that booze!
rodeo said…
That should be the new catchphrase for Paleo:

Paleo - making Durianrider seem sane since 2007
Unknown said…
I find it incredible that Nikoley thinks he can write the most vulgar obscene rant against you and then turn around and call on you to make peace on his terms. He doesn't realize that he is pond scum and nobody in their right mind would ever want to have anything to do with him, much less make any sort of bargain with him.
Mirtika said…
Well, I'm out and about today celebrating eldest bro's birthday. My hope is that tonight, when I check again, some of the paleo dudes-who-don't-despise-women and who've chippered up with the UnfreeEDAnimal will speak up against his disgusting rant. I can only hope this puts the sane final nail on his nutty blog's lid. I'm not even gonna go there and see whatever it is was posted that he says he's gonna take down... if only Evelyn agrees to his terms. Gee, how patronizing of him. His terms. "Do what I say or I will continue to toss the C-word at you." Nice.

He should have the decency to realize he did an outrageous thing, apologize, remove the post: no terms. Just action.
Gabriella Kadar said…
Charles, to what minerals and vitamins do you refer? Better dairy than fruitarian. Plus he takes all sorts of supplements, vitamins etc.
Unknown said…
I don't agree with calling them whores, sex worker is the preferred term these days. And I am a sex-positive feminist so I have no problem with what they do as long as it is a safe working environment.
bentleyj74 said…
In a nutshell, "Here are my list of demands for calling a halt to behaviors that will sink me and everyone who doesn't cut me loose."

This should be worth consideration because why exactly?
bentleyj74 said…
Oops, this was in response to above post. Ah well, it probably applies in a general sense.
Unknown said…

Water 87.3%
Milk Fats 3.9%
Non-fat Solids (Protein, Milk Sugar, Immune Factors, etc.) 8.8%
A. Casein Proteins (~80% of Total Milk Protein-TMP)
1. Alpha s1 [30.6%]
2. Alpha s2 [8.0%]
3. Beta [28.4%]
4. Kappa [10.1%]

B. Whey Proteins (~20% of TMP)
1. Alpha lactalbumin [3.7%]
2. Beta lactoglobulin [9.8%]
3. Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) [1.2%]
4. Immuoglobulins [2.1%]
5. Proteose peptone [2.4%]

Milk Sugar (Lactose) 4.6%

Minerals 0.65%
Trace Elements

Acids 0.18%

Vitamins/Enzymes 0.12%


You can design a fruitarian diet that has more vitamins/minerals/fiber than consuming nothing but raw milk/kefir with a small amount of potatoes

If the paleo diet is so healthy why would you need to supplement it with anything other than some D3?

If he's drinking to excess - and smoking both tobacco and pot - than he has many more problems than just his weight

Unknown said…
sex worker is the politically correct term for whore/prostitute

What difference does it make if you call them a sex worker or a prostitute?

Unknown said…
Do you have a problem with Evelyn using the word prostitute?

Diana said…
Simon - Good question to which I can only offer the following suggested & very tentative answer. Hawking paleo is better than working for a living. It may not provide millions but as Rocky said to Mickey (when Mickey yelled at Rocky in public for throwing away his talent to be a legbreaker), "It's a living." Do you remember what Mickey said in response?
Unknown said…
I like how Robb Wolf posted a supportive comment to Nikoley and said that both of us were making fun of vulnerable women...when I didn't say anything at all about the sex workers and Evelyn just said "whores" once, which I disagree with, but is nothing compared to what Nikoley said. Very disappointing.
CarbSane said…
Note: the invoking of "dictionary definition" for the use of the word whore.
Gabriella Kadar said…
Well, Charles, I don't know why RN is consuming supplements other than D3.

Based on facial anatomy and posture the man most likely has sleep disordered breathing. It results in non-restorative sleep. The effort to overcome obstruction during sleep can and does cause blood pressure spikes and over time results in small haemorrhagic strokes. These can be seen on certain types of brain imaging studies. There can be so many they are like 'the stars in the sky'. The damage results in cognitive and behavioural issues. I have mentioned in the past that a sleep study would be a good idea. People with sleep problems do tend to self medicate. This just make the problem worse.

There is no diet and no food which will aleviate the adverse effect of anatomy.
Gabriella Kadar said…
I don't think it's an eating disorder. It's about blog stats. It's all about 'biznitz' as my uncle used to say.
Anonymous said…
Do you have a problem with them receiving less than half of the money they earn? It's a tangent, but altogether too many sex-poz types don't really know how things work in nevada when they're reaching around to pat themselves on the back for their openmindedness.

And to Charles, sex worker/sexworker has come into use because it's not just about prostitution, but about all types of sex for sale, not about some peecee junk.

(paleo2.0 posting from my old blog that spoke of such matters more extensively)
Jane said…
George, the reason Taubes, Moore and Wolf find Evelyn's behaviour threatening is because at the back of their minds they know there are holes in their arguments and they are afraid Evelyn might be right.

Just like you are afraid I might be right about grains.
CarbSane said…
Nice to see you Bentley, how have you been?
CarbSane said…
Making fun of vulnerable women? I'm making fun of Robb, not the women. Somehow I don't think speaking in brothels is going to help with paleo probs.
CarbSane said…
Yes Jane. I notice they never start with "she's wrong and here's why I am correct"
Simon Carter said…
It's a waste of life.
Unknown said…

Robb Wolf // Mar 22, 2013 at 15:26

As to the visit to the Bunny Ranch, some folks who seem to get a lot of mileage out of the misogyny card gave me a pretty good ration for doing that talk. Actually MAKING FUN OF HOOKERS AND PROSTITUTES, and the fact I’d stoop so low as to interact with these people. THIS passes the sniff test because the vitriol is being dispenssed by women? Really?

The reason I ended up at this talk is one of the girls who works at the ranch had polycythemia, horrible anemia and a number of other problems. This girl is a documentary film buff and, while watching the Perfect Human Diet, heard about some issues that reminded her of her own condition. She bought my book, ate paleo and reverssed a condition that had nearly debilitated her for 6 years. So, not only is this woman being made fun of by, misogyny concerned women, but indirectly so too was her condition and ability to do what a slew of doctors could not do: Get her healthy.

And here I thought “women’s health” “self empowerment” were important topics.

As an aside, before I started with my talk the girls and Dennis Hoff went through some basic housekeeping and business stuff. They do this every thursday, and part of this process is that two personal bankers from WellsFargo come to the ranch to talk to the girls about their retirement, investments, insurance etc. EVERY WEEK this happens. Dennis made the point several times during a perhaps 20 min period “You girls are making good money right now, but what you will be able to do when you are ready to move on will be dependent on what you do WITH that money. Take advantage of the help these people are offering.”

So, the hypocrisy of M&E are almost painful. And as usual, completely self serving.

And in a Libertarian vane, it is also telling that when you legalize and regulate certain “questionable”industries, you tame some of the worst infractions agains liberty and freedom. Some of these girls make high 6 figure incomes and will, after some years of undoubtedly hard work, be able to choose a variety of paths. The places where prostitution is illegal (almost everywhere else in the US) the Black Market produces the equivalent of slave labor.

I was such a misogynist that I’m one of the ONLY speakers that they requested return to talk more about this stuff. What a complete dick I must be.
Jane said…
Well Gabriella, I had terrible anatomy and I corrected it with diet. I had hallux valgus + poor posture + misaligned hip and knee joints, and couldn't walk easily. I was told my only option was foot surgery, which I refused. You need a diet which encourages connective tissue turnover, meaning high in manganese and copper, and exercises which loosen your joints and straighten your back. I now have excellent posture and feet like springs. I admit it took 30 years.
Jane said…
I have a guilty confession: I am finding all this hugely entertaining. I read what CarbSaner said about your many personality disorders. Hilarious. But Wooo doesn't like her! I think I might die laughing.
Unknown said…
Hi Jane, can you provide some more info about your diet and exercise regime?
Jane said…
Hi Barry
My diet is similar to the diet eaten 100 years ago by the Hunza. It's lactovegetarian, based on grains. Here's a book about their extraordinary health.

I don't do any strenuous exercises. Every day I walk 4 miles to and from my university science library, and 5 days a week I do 10 minutes of floor exercises to stretch and twist my joints. I also stand up when I'm watching a screen (I'm standing in front of a computer in the science library right now), twisting and vibrating my feet and my knee and hip joints.
Jane said…
Sorry, that's 2 miles to the library and 2 miles back. Even with my new feet I don't think I'd want to walk 8 miles every day. Actually now that I think about it, I might. They're getting so springy I'm starting to contemplate running to the library.
bentleyj74 said…
Depreggified. Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again one last time.
Unknown said…
Hi Jane, thank you for taking the time to reply. I look forward to reading about the Hunza, I find this stuff facinating! I think it is wonderful that you have found a diet and lifestyle that works so well for you. I also am a fan of "not sitting" and I use a pedometer to prod me to take a longer walk after dinner with my dog. I'm 54 now and appreciating more and more the importance of joint health.
Jane said…
You will find in the book that the Hunza had a special quick light way of moving that made them recognisable from miles away. I now have a quick light way of moving too, I imagine not unlike theirs. I always thought I'd get osteoarthritis because my parents had it and my father had both hips replaced. In fact I did have it 35 years ago in my big toe joints, I saw the X-rays. But my joints are like a teenager's now. My internal organs work so well I am completely unaware of them, and I haven't been to a doctor for 25 years except for a thorn in my thumb. This is what 30 years on a Hunza diet can do. I am nearly 70.

One more thing: I used to have constant food cravings and yo-yo weight, and the Hunza diet put an end to all that. I have not experienced hunger for 30 years. I thought it was natural, but it isn't.
Anonymous said…
I find it ironic that someone would bash women while living on mother's milk, albeit from others' mothers. A good metaphor for patriarchy.
Anonymous said…
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