Zohan II

It is interesting that you, like Evelyn, chose to ignore the circumstances of my decision to participate in the LCC. Instead of even giving it airplay you sat on it and have continued to use my participation as some indication of my incompetence. Below is a response I wrote to either Evelyn (or one of her followers) who harassed me YET AGAIN about the LCC. No sense in wasting electrons, so here it is:
I told Evelyn why I chose to do the LC cruise. She has self-servingly sat on that information (shocker). 
~ Robb Wolf on ItstheWooo's blog

Silly me.  Here I have been belaboring under the mistaken notion that private emails are by default confidential unless stated otherwise.   I never thought to share what Robb told me here and am both shocked and a little amused that Robb is upset that I didn't.  He also appears upset that I have allowed people to comment here from time to time regarding his headlining the LC Cruise.  Sorry Robb, that it is the source of such embarrassment for you.  So he posts a comment on the blog of a woman who spends many electrons on bashing Stephan Guyenet ... because it is somehow more important for him to fuel the fire by posting on a blog of a woman who spenda equal electrons bashing me, instead of ... oh ... commenting here to the people who are asking?  Emailing me privately and asking why I haven't told his side of the story here?  No. That might make too much sense to answer those questioning directly.  It never occurred to Robb that I didn't share his emails because it wouldn't have been right to so so?    

I have not "sat on" what I consider to be "exculpatory evidence".  For the record, despite his explanations, I still do not understand why he would do the cruise after the David Duke thing (and equally if not more importantly Jimmy Moore's lies about that) and I have indicated so in comments.  I have not, however, piled on or pushed the issue, and I've certainly not bullied, threatened or stalked Robb.  Speaking of bullying and threatening, however, Robb seems perfectly fine buddying up with Nikoley now, and he puts this lovely comment on the blog of what can only be described as a true stalker.

I don't suppose any of these folks even understand what it is to be stalked or what a true stalker is. I'd say this Carole (Google Circle Stefani Ruper, Paul Jaminet, Richard Nikoley and Jimmy Moore) qualifies, and regardless of what you think of me, Robb encouraging this sort of thing?  Class.  I think that up to this point I had written one or two posts about Robb, perhaps mentioned him as part of the group in a few others.  I have given my opinion, when asked, on several occasions, and I run an open shop here where people are free to comment, even in disagreement, unlike his new friend Jimmy's blog and so many others out there.  I have had a few Twitter exchanges with Robb.  He has retweeted me a couple of times.  I exchanged a few emails with him.  I've even received one or two unsolicited emails from the man.   Oh, and I almost forgot,

Is that me stalking him?  But here's where his head is at now:
I will put Jimmy’s site front and center on mine, I’ll sit down with him and figure out how to make LCC 2014 an actual financial success, and I will spare NO EXPENSE in ensuring that comes to be. 
Bully, threaten and stalk me and see what you get
Put up or shut up Robb. Where have I bullied, threatened or stalked you?  You can still end this you know, that is not a threat.  You have opted to dig your heels in here, so I'm going to share it all so that there are no misconceptions out there.  I am beginning with emails related to the Jack Kruse debacle from last year so you have some time before I post our email exchange about the LC Cruise.  I imagine that can only be embarrassing for you and Jimmy which is why I never thought to share them before. 


I was openly critical of Kruse on this blog based on his quackery, something I was out front and center with ... not hiding and feeding information to people like me in hopes that I would share it and catch the flack for doing so.  Remember the suspension from his professional society I posted about?  Not my sleuthing.  There was much more fed to me that I didn't share here because it would have looked, well, creepy.  The people who were taken -- at this point many financially -- by Jack Kruse have three very prominent members of this community to thank for that: Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf and Richard Nikoley.   There are others, but that's about as big as you get. The latter milked it for all it was worth for the glory of page hits and comment counts. Mark, and to far lesser extent Robb, were helpful to me behind the scenes, but Robb's public account was lacking and Mark's? Well, pretty much non-existent. While I remain grateful to Mark for his support, I'm tired of taking the fall for folks like him who do not put things right publicly. 

Without the mega thread on Mark's Daily Apple, there is no Jack Kruse phenomenon. The first email I shared with you was one of two (unsolicited and unanswered) emails I had received from Richard Nikoley. It is of interest to note that the email he forwarded to me was BCC'd to Patrick Vlaskovits who runs Paleo Hacks (goes by Patrik there). I don't know Patrik or much about him, but it is my understanding he had a say in who presented at AHS12. While Patrik had apparently banned Kruse from PH at one time, The Quilt gathered many followers from there, and he, too, bears some responsibility for the Kruse debacle.

In any case, I shared that email because I am under no obligation to keep unsolicited emails confidential. And yet I did, because it casts Mark in poor light. He likes to be the busy nice guy who can't be bothered with the drama, which is fine up until the point where you are in part responsible for it. I'll never really understand why Mark and Robb, so passionate about promoting the paleo lifestyle, didn't just get together and issue a statement denouncing Kruse. Seriously. ALL of this never happens if they get together, perhaps with Patrik, and just tell Jack Kruse that he's not welcome to using your forum/board to further his business and to whatever extent Mark & Robb promoted Jack within the community, they were wrong. One might say duped? Does anyone reading this think it would have turned out badly for any of these people or the community? I don't. Rather the circus that ensues never happens and the people behind various convocations are given cover to distance themselves from the quackery. 

It is time the whole story comes out. I'll redact names and information that I feel may damage the innocent in all of this, but I'm done running interference for these guys. THANK YOU ROBB WOLF for giving me permission to speak out! 

On May 7, 2012 I awoke with a start around 1am.  Maybe it was my sixth sense.  I couldn't fall back asleep so I hopped on my computer to check my email.  I found an email from someone I had exchanged one or two emails with but was by no means in regular contact with.  The subject line "Please Read Now" asking if I was behind the SKS Twitter account.  In short order I was informed that Jack had been pulled off the LC Cruise and he was fingering me as a possible culprit.  It is my understanding that it was Robb Wolf that Kruse called first, and he alerted the world.  I have in my possession copies of empassioned pleas to Robb from well respected members of this community who, at least one of whom assured him I had nothing to do with this.  Let us not forget that Robb's first response was to believe Jack and tweet out something flippant.  In these emails he was made aware of the fact that "Jack's minions, Kevin Cottrell and Richard Nikoley" were sending out threatening emails and Robb was piling on the someone's going to prison for 20 years stuff in early emails.   Now Kevin (original PaleoFX partner) has basically been sidelined from the community, but Richard Nikoley remains a contact for many.  Everyone chooses who they associate with, and everyone else is free to make their own judgments.  LONG before my email to Brent Pottenger & Aaron Blaisdell these people were well aware of what went down.  As Nikoley lied to his readers about not knowing who the "three c's" were, he was busy naming names to anyone who would listen in email rings.  

On May 8th Patrik and Robb spoke:  What’s the deal with PaleoHacks, Dr. Kruse and the FBI?  At the time it was somewhat comforting, but reading it again now it boils down to {obvious paraphrasing} Patrik:  "Phew, it didn't stick to me" and Robb: "I can't believe I have to deal with this shit, all I ever did was promote the guy, and SKS did some stupid stupid stuff". 
"This situation was all the result of an asshole(s?) who found their time better spent fucking with Jack than getting legit work done like helping people."
Please ... does your back ever hurt from all that patting about helping people?  To this day, the closest I got to SKS's identity is that I know someone who knows who it was.   SKS was no more misspending his/her time than Robb, and I'm pretty sure "Lance" was not associated with SKS, but rather Jack. That is if any of that really happened.  Robb:
When I first heard all this I was wondering if the story (Jack getting removed, bioterroer etc) was even true. Shortly it became apparent that yes, it was true. Jack texted me and said the FBI were involved, I replied “Nail their ass to the wall” because if I could get my hands on the @shitkrusesays and I had no legal recourse for my actions, it would not be pretty. This jack-ass has created a hell of a situation and ironically the Law of Unintended Consequences is having a laugh, at least initially at your expense. You landed Jack on the media, gave him a phenomenal story and an opportunity to curry support and favor.
Smart work asshole(s).
I seem to remember counseling against behavior like this, allowing attacks from anonymity, but that was ignored and someone pointed out I’ve changed my position on fish oil dosage, so everything I say should be held in contempt.
No, not contempt Robb, why assign nastiness to anyone who disagrees with you on something?  (I have no idea nor do I care what his position on fish oil is).   I don't know about you, but he sounds rather like he is believing Jack and taking his side.  Perhaps some clarification at some later point might have been in order?  He continued:
... People who dislike Jack made all of this happen. If you do not see the accountability here you are a moron on par with the folks who do not see how training the Taliban against the Soviets might have had long term repercussions for us.
That sounds awfully like blaming everyone but Jack for his actions. 
... But despite my reservations about people getting named publicly in this thing I felt stronger about getting the whole bioterror story out. People need to cool it on the anonymous, back biting bullshit. We need to operate with some professionalism and focus on helping people, period. I had a number of folks finger wagging me that I was being duped into this thing. If you people think I’m a big enough moron to not see the conflicts here you are beyond lost and you also missed the fact that IF what Jack was claiming was inaccurate, then his goose was cooked. Credibility gone, we don’t even need to tackle MRSA injections. I thought that through, apparently you folks did not AND are squeamish with sitting in the hot seat to affect change.
There's that word again!  See folks, if Jack self-destructs we can blame the angry bloggers and we don't even have to take a position on the quackery of the man we promoted.  This, Robb, is the reason I tweeted you about linking to Wilson's blog.  Did you not learn anything from Krusegate?   This guy has a serious Messiah complex going on here!  Newsflash:  I helped more people exposing Jack's quackery than you did promoting it Robb.  

Here's Jack's email to Robb:
Dear Robb;

I tried to call you yesterday to let you know about the extraordinary events that occurred. I think you need to know becaus eyour prediction at Paleofx maybe coming true. I was the victim of cyberstalking and cyber terrorism yesterday in th ePort of Galveston. It appears several of the Paleo Hacks folks got into cohoots with Carbsane (Evelyn) to come up with a new twitter handle desisgned to put words in my mouth. They also used an email with my name it they made up called johnkruse@gmail.com. What happened from 2-4 PM can only be described as surreal by me. I wanted to let you know as a Paleo leader precisely what happened and why it happened. I am keeping this quiet per the FBI until the question all the people that I think are behind this. Unfortunately some of the people are people you respect and deal with but what unfolded yesterday is a bit too serious to be taken lightly. Here is the letter I sent to Carnival Corporate this AM about the event. Robb this is sent to you in confidence. Any ideas of thoughts you have on this would greatly be appreciated. Yesterday was not pleasant at all.
This BTW should allay any doubts that I was named. It wasn't until May 11th that Robb contacted me and provided his phone number to call him. I think I left a VM and after not finding a convenient time to connect, I sent this email on the 12th.
Hi Robb!

Thanks for contacting me. This whole episode has been very upsetting for me as I'm sure for you. I'm sorry if any comments on my blog yesterday needlessly added to that upset as well. Never been a new parent, but I imagine it's been especially rough for you these past few days at a time you and your beautiful wife should be just enjoying Zoe.

Being somewhat of an outsider in this community I have no idea what many think of me, and the amount of misinformation written about my blogging (and behavior and mental state -- mentally unstable stalker?) is staggering. So anyway I did not expect the outpouring of support behind the scenes that I have received. I happened to first learn of this at 1am in the morning on Tuesday and even though it was local news, it is clear Jack fingered me in that Ch 5 report, though he's trying to say he never named me. The first emails I received mentioned that he had named me specifically to those he contacted. I had no idea what your involvement was when I replied to your tweet, but I was later told that you were one of the people Jack had contacted.

This whole thing is surreal and at this point I would just like to have Kruse called on his non-naming naming of me. It's developed into harassment, and while I think he's mostly blowing steam to intimidate, the fact doesn't escape me that crazy people with resources can be very dangerous indeed. So anyway I was wondering if he did name me. The disingenuous prick Nikoley is trying to play coy.

In any case, email is fine but this may be easier to discuss by phone. I'm on EST, I can call you whenever time is good for you before 3pm today, or if you want to call me my cell is XXX-XXX-XXXX. I realize that's just noon for you, but I've got plans for having some actual relaxing fun! LOL.

Take care, and Happy Mothers Day to your wife!
Robb's reply:
Just tunneled down to this. Jack had a list of like 10 people...he was pretty spun up and just flailing around. On the one hand I think justifiably, but then he took this into the Mccarthyism realm and that's when I could not wait things out any longer.
Big Back Story:
When Jack first hit the scene it was a huge boon to all of us. Neuro surgeon loves paleo, was getting great results at reducing inflammation and even reversing osteoporosis. Good stuff.  
the first sign of wackyness (to me) was the AHS when he asked Mat Lalonde and I if we thought electrons coming down one branch of the electron transport chain had "higher energy" than the others...this due to "quantum" effects. Anyone with Jacks background would know better than this and it tickled the thought on my part "here is a guru looking for a new angle to sell"
Fast forward CT, MRSA and self surgery. Myself and several other people ended up in an email exchange about what to do. Publicly discredit him, take him to task, or just wiat for him to overplay his wackiness.[ redacted ] This was the first time I suggested an Articles of Confederation type of thing, which folks were into, but no one wanted to champion. I  keep looking for someone with an MD or PHD to take this stuff on, as I have neither, but I also seem to be one of the more motivated people trying to get this stuff formalized and institutionalized...go figure.

So that's how things were for...oh, 5 months, perhaps longer. this si also WHY I tweeted on his situation. I DO think what happened to him is BS, but i also had a sense that if what he was talking about was inaccurate, he'd finally stick his neck out far enough to cinch the noose up. Which sucks for me BTW as I actually like Jack despite the insanity. I've had good conversations with him, I bear him no personal grudge and I've not made it my directive to build myself up by tearing others in the community down. So all this skull drudgery has been a moral quandary for me to say nothing of an epic waste of time.

[Redacted] emailed me and said we needed an "impassioned Robb Wolf" piece distancing the larger paleo scene from Jack, which is what I did...I Know you were unaware of any of the back story but the "holier than thou" thing was just another kick to the balls.
Now, it would appear Jack has shifted his ire towards me. That combined with Kurts only level of buy-in in this whole scen of hanging in the peanut gallery and explaining how we are all morons and all this stuff is bull shit might be the final straw that makes me scuttle any efforts to formalize the movement, just focus on my "brand" like Mark Sisson has done, and buggar everyone else.

Now you know "The Rest of The Story"

And now you do too.  That is all for now.   Thank you Robb.  This is highly cathartic.


Woodey said…
"..and have continued to use my participation as some indication of my incompetence"

I thought Paleo Solution was indication enough. Now Robb is using the stalker phrase on you..C'MON MAN!

Unfortunately as long as you continue to challenge these people you are going to have this thrown at you. Whatever happens please don't stop. Your blog and the information it contains is so helpful and beneficial, I consider it one of the few rays of sun in the cloudy world of nutrition.

These turds do stink up the room, but you have plenty of people, like myself, who support you and will back you up every single time one of these jerks fart in your direction. To hell with them! They want nothing more than to be able to make a buck off people and live in their bubble. All bubbles need popping from time to time!!!
Travis Culp said…
LOL...did he mean skullduggery?

" That combined with Kurts only level of buy-in in this whole scen of hanging in the peanut gallery and explaining how we are all morons and all this stuff is bull shit "

And that's precisely why Kurt is the only one of them with even a modicum of credibility.
Travis Culp said…
BTW Patrik's a legit dude. He was annoyed by that charlatan from day 1.
DFW360 said…
I've considered going on the LCC in the past, glad I didn't bother. I'm surprised and disappointed at the behind the scenes drama.
Unknown said…
I think Kurt recognized earlier than most of us that there was nuttery and asshattery going on.

It has become impossible to keep track/score.

The only thing you can be sure about is that on Paleo Hacks people will want to talk about their bowel movements.
Unknown said…
Carole Sampson - a woman with no life who claims she has a life


"Now, here is Yoda to remind everyone of my philosophy on comments. SO... if I judge you to be irrational and unintelligent then don't waste your time trying to leave a comment, it will be deleted and forgotten.

And remember that on MY blog, I am the one and only judge. (Just like Evelyn thinks that she is the one and only judge in the whole of the blogosphere.)

And if you want to start whining about that, try very hard to see what reality is.. you are getting just a tiny, tiny amount of your own medicine."

SO - just like Jimmy Moore - if your try to post a comment or question that disagrees with them in ANY way you are banned FOREVER!!

George said…
Funny how all the doctors who promote vegan diets don't get the same pass for "helping people."
Travis Culp said…
I can confirm this.
Unknown said…
If I haven't eaten meat in almost a month (lost the taste for it) does that make me a traitor to the cause?
Travis Culp said…
Not if you still made your monthly payment.
Unknown said…

This is the panel I'm sorry to miss
Saturday, March 30 Onnit Stage The Low Down on Low Carb

1:35pm - 2:30 pm Description: Is Keto the Key To Health?

Session 4 Moderator: Abel Bascom

Jimmy Moore, Dr. Ruthie Harper, Dr. Colin Champ

You notice there's no Q&A!
Vaclav K. said…
For those who have seen the movie, The Master.

Carole must be taking over the "Freddie Quell" role for "The Paleo Cause", recently vacated by R.Nikoley.

Travis Culp said…
Guy must've gone on a week-long doughnut binge and now has to starve himself for another week so he doesn't show up as the elephant for that circus.
Harry's Acolyte said…
I just read on Nikoley's blog that he recently topped 200 lbs but will be in the 160s very soon on his MILK DIET™.
Travis Culp said…
A self-parody walks into a bar...

...and orders a glass of milk.
Unknown said…
So - he went from full out paleo - to potatoes - to

http://freetheanimal.com/2013/03/logic-behind-intervention.html (part 1)

http://freetheanimal.com/2013/03/whole-behind-intervention.html (part 2)

He also said this in his e-mail newsletter
"Good feelings crowding out bad. So everyone knows I'm a skilled drinker, right? You'd be scared to know how much I can actually pack away (hard liquor, always) and still function. In my less and less frequent "experiments" over the last couple of weeks, the resolution between feeling awesome and feeling like shit has become far too pronounced to ignore—like I recall from back in my early 20s. Over the last couple of decades, booze (hard liquor, not beer or wine) has been an upper, a stimulant for me. I feel like I feel good and I often get busier on whatever I may be doing. Now, even half of what I might normally drink makes me just feel like crap, such that I super regret not feeling as great as I did a few hours ago, and I just want to go to sleep and wait until I feel great again. No shit. Werd file."
Unknown said…
The female Freddie Quell - I like that - although might I suggest the english lass at the end with Freddy.
Las said…
Jack Kruse was what killed the Paleo blogosphere for me. The man was so obviously full of shit and no one would call him out on it. It didn't surprise me that Nikoley was so enthusiastic, since he recognized his own schtick: be over the stop and ridiculous, and people will see you as a leader. But everyone else? They just didn't want to antagonize anyone who was becoming increasingly popular with their readers.

And Nikoleys' doing a Milk Diet now? And he's up to 200 lbs? Anyone else who remembers the Matt Stone drama find that as hilarious as I do?
Jane said…
This suggests liver malfunction. His liver can't process the alcohol like it used to. I suspect he has liver iron overload due to copper deficiency, like Jimmy Moore might have.

A milk diet will not help. Milk is so low in copper it's been used in the lab to make animals copper deficient.
CarbSane said…
Still function? All your buddies think you are in the advanced stages of alcohol-induced psychosis Dick.
Jason Sandeman said…
Just Eeat Real Food.
No powders, supplements, grass fed, super sunshine coconut oil, and magic faery dust.
Eat in season. Eat stuff like salad. Real oatmeal. Here's a tip... If it says INSTANT, it's not REAL.
maybe I should come out with an ebook and become a guru.
Unknown said…
That's crazy talk, next you will be telling people that legumes are safe to eat.
CarbSane said…
I've only heard about Dick and Matt. One of these days when I take a break from my non-life I'll have to look back and check it out.