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~ Charles Darwin (it's evolutionary baybeee!)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Open scientific discourse ...

I'd like to respond to this e-mail and clarify your understanding of the science, but I'd like to do it privately to you. If you promise that's the case, then I will respond. If you then argue persuasively that there is a good reason why your readers would benefit from reading my e-mail, I will agree but I reserve the right to decide what's persuasive or not and what's a good reason.
Memories .... 


Carole said...


Lighthouse Keeper said...

Could that be Taubes? For 'science' read 'pseudoscience'. Did not someone say that he was deserving of a Nobel prize? When will those bronze Taubesian busts finally grace the plinths that await in the alcoves of the corridors of academia as was once amusingly postulated here? This man pressed the restart button for a new round of carbophobia,

carbsane said...

Yes ;-)

There's a link in the "..."

Adam said...

The half-life of the influence of Taube's book on me was remarkably short. I read it on Christmas Day... told everyone about it about mid Christmas week and didn't believe it by New Years.

For all of my time spent learning about nutrition and being opposed to mainstream beliefs all I'm left with after these few years is:
1) Calories count.
2) Food quality counts more so in the long term then the short term
3) If you can't eat a handful of chips because "I'm eating clean now" or "But the polyunsaturated fatty acids!" or "Oh not the evil starch!" then your behavioral modifications will not last. (There are exceptions to this, of course)
4) Exercise will not help you lose weight but it will make energy levels more stable which may help you lose weight.

5) Sufficient sleep is important.

carbsane said...

The person commenting from IP: Is known imposter and troll. This person posts as carbsanity to cause trouble on other blogs and is now trying to post as Carole to do the same here. Other bloggers please take note.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I've added that IP address (Ms Sampson?) to my Disqus blacklist. Thanks!

This calls for a song to celebrate :-D

carbsane said...

Actually I doubt it's whomever "Carole" is, just some loser who has been impersonating me around the internet for years now. Who is now trying to stir the pot pretending to be her here. I have had my suspicions, but they were confirmed about that IP a while back. Troll.

rand18m said...

Very good Adam!

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