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This is the evidence of my "stalking" the Reno Law Enforcement study Robb blogged about.  Apparently I am the only person ever to ask what version of the paleo diet is employed.  I had a lesser interest in the medications, but they are a factor that when you read the "study" linked above (that Robb was touting) both of the two case studies were taking unspecified dosages, one described as taking "more".   The screenshots below are from this video/news report.

That's lean chicken breast there.  The footage opens with a guy chopping greens of some sort, and they pan over to the above right.  Those look like peanuts there, but that's a small quibble.  Is it really that out there to wonder what the dietary component of this "paleo" intervention is?   Especially when Robb brags on the statin doses being lower than usual due to the diet?  

I would think it would help more people if Robb were more open about the details of the actual program so that others might benefit through emulating it.


Screennamerequired said…
Yeah, It seems to be a more "sensible" paleo diet to the ones seen promoted and followed on the web. I don't see bullet proof coffees and piles of bacon. ewww!
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