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~ Charles Darwin (it's evolutionary baybeee!)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today is a very special day ...

... no longer does the name Gary Taubes hold a position in the five most popular posts of all time here.  

I think that's a good thing.  His ill-conceived hypothesis that is unsupported by a plethora of solid scientific evidence is no longer a hot topic in the carb-wars on the internet.  I see that as a good thing, because despite convincing some hedge fund guys to fund NuSI, it never was much of a hot topic in the real world.  

My work here is done.



Sanjeev Sharma said...

remember that Atkins "went away" for 20 years ...

carbsane said...

I operate under no delusions that this won't be recycled many times over. It is still out there, only attributed to others nowadays. Bailor is coming out with another book on the garbage next year.

Sanjeev Sharma said...

heh ... you reminded me of a story James Randi tells - he saw got a call from Johnny Carson

... Johnny Carson complaining that Carson had just seen PETER POPOF ... yes, PETER POPOF on TV.

15 years after after the takedown heard round the world, he's baaaack.

yeah, it never ends.

> no delusions that this won't be recycled many times over

That would be fine, IFF it loses several of its schmuckish schticks, like infinite calories, infinite fat, and done in ways that are supported by scientific consensus and balance and skepticism.

IOW, when Taubes & Jimmy have called it a day from promoting low carb extremism ; )

charles grashow said...

What do you think of his team?

carbsane said...

This depresses me frankly. Ravussin, Hall and Leibel? (I am not familiar with the others) According to the most recent reports they are going to be testing a 5% carb, 15% protein 80% fat diet -- how does that tell us anything? Oh ... and they aren't interested in the healthfulness of said diet just if it alters metabolic rate.

I think Yoni perhaps overestimated things a bit, but he hit the nail on the head here:

Power of money?? That's all I can figure. Or perhaps they are hoping that no effect is seen and that will be the end of this nonsense.

charles grashow said...

Research Statement:

Dr. Reitman returned to the NIDDK in early 2011 and will continue his long-standing interest in elucidating the mechanisms underlying energy homeostasis. The goal of this increased understanding is advancement in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. One focus is on using mouse models; particular interests include genetics and pharmacology, using mouse models to
understand metabolic rate regulation and body temperature regulation, and drug treatments for obesity. Examples of research topics include uncoupling, lipodystrophy, leptin, and BRS-3 (bombesin receptor subtype-3). Another interest is in using the NIH Clinical Center’s Metabolic Clinical Research Unit, with its state of the art clinical facilities including room calorimeters. It is desired that knowledge obtained from mouse experimentation will generate hypotheses to be followed up in the clinical setting, and similarly, that clinical observations will spur investigations using mouse models.

Pochy said...

I don't get it, how did they convince 3 credible scientist to join this thing? Why? NuSI isn't the NIH or the NSF. it puzzles me why they are doing this with private money? Also, who is going to peer review this crap? Wouldn't it be sensible to apply for a grant to the NIH? or the NSF? maybe a credible agency?

carbsane said...

The way I see it, either they are taking the money and hoping it shuts up Taubes (grin) for good, or ... it's just about funding. In the research realm it's unfortunately a lot about having funding to sustain a stable program.

It is interesting that both Leibel's and Hall's (former?) partners in scientific crime (Hirsch and Chow) both have had pretty prominent articles in the NYT responding to the NuSI/Taubes nonsense and pretty much stating it's all about the calories.

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