In honor of their 3 year anniversary, the good folks at Examine.com are having a sale on their premier resource.

(and support the Asylum in doing so!)

I have the inside scoop that the regular price is going up after this sale, to $49, so if you snag it now, you will effectively be getting it at over 40% discount

This is a "dynamic reference" that updates regularly, and your one-time cost is effectively a lifetime subscription or membership.  As the database expands you'll have access to all the new stuff without ever paying a penny more.  None of that "oh this book is outdated now because it was written with 6 month old information" nonsense here!!

Examine.com has been growing by leaps and bounds, hiring more researchers and including the impressive Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (check him out at DrSpencer.com) as their director this year.  In only 3 short years they have become the #1 supplement information site with:
  • 30,000 citations
  • 5,000,0000 unique visitors
  • 20,000,000 pageviews
The guide offers unbiased information on an array of supplements organized by supplement and by conditions it has been purported to work with.  They only cover human trials.  Most importantly since they are not marketing their own supplements, you can be assured that the information is unbiased.  Rather than muddle through fantastical claims and hype from someone trying to sell you their miracle cure, Examine.com has researched how the supplement has actually performed in live human beings and at what doses, not what some super-concentrated serum does to a worm or a mouse liver cell in a petri dish.

Buy by Midnight EST, Wednesday March 19th

Want to know more about the product and why I support and promote it?  Here is my original post, it's a bit outdated by now, but for newer readers I'd still recommend it.  


John Smith said…
Everyone and his brother is pitching this book, how much do they pay for each book sold?
carbsane said…
You have to be a super secret affiliate to know 3:)

Yes, there are a lot of people that are affiliates and this is mostly due to Sol Orwell who is one heckuva stand up guy.
SoloX said…
I've heard one gajillion dollars.

Also, I see carbsane more as a sister than a brother :-D
carbsane said…
Howdy bro! :D
NS said…
I used to be a Sol Orwell fan until I read this exchange with Jenny Ruhl. Very telling. Skip to comments 3 and 4:


Incidentally, he has yet to reply to Jenny.
Max said…

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