Jonathan Bailor Fact Check

Jonathan Bailor has earned himself a high dishonor of his own blog post linking to the bad science in his books.  He earned this because he has perpetuated past 2010 the flawed alpha glycerol phosphate aka glycerol 3 phosphate aka G3P part of Gary Taubes' fairy tales on obesity.  

Apparently he missed this show on iTunes The Body Rx Show - Episode 6 Good Calories Bad Calories.  Here is a direct link to the episode.  The important part vis a vis G3P is here:

This was in SSoS and it is in The Calorie Myth. ( I'm going to address that in another post, hat tip to Critical MAS).  Oh ... and it WAS in the textbooks several years prior to GCBC.

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Sanjeev Sharma said…
did I hear that right- T took a pot-shot at Christopher Gardner AND admitted low carb does not work in the real world for real people?
carbsane said…
LOL about admitting LC doesn't work in the real world. Another Johnny-come-lately, Tim Noakes, said just the opposite on Twitter the other day!
Sanjeev Sharma said…
does anyone believe that T will accept experimental disproof?

I personally believe ∞% he'll spin negative results massively and/or move the goal posts
Wuchtamsel said…
I like this level of cognitive dissonance...
Does he realize that people following a low fat diet or whatever approach in "real life" could ALSO have enough intrinsic motivation to succeed long term? I mean, it's not as if there weren't enough good examples. On the other hand the blubbery human fat yo-yo Jimmy Moore is the posterchild of the intrinsic motivation of low carbers??? So hilarious.
charles grashow said…
The results from the studies being conducted will be interesting
carbsane said…
Rumor has it that he may well end up acquiescing at some point but come out the noble scientist or having funded the studies that proved him wrong.
Sanjeev Sharma said…
I disagree- replications of old experiments ARE good to have- it's one way to uncover fraud as just one justification among many

but IMHO all these are nipping around the edges- when even proponents like the Eades threw in the towel and admitted metabolic advantage may be so small as to be unmeasurable in real life, the important thing about nusi will be the psychological fallout.