Recent Podcast Appearance!

Hey all!  Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on two podcasts.  Will let you know about the second one when it comes out, but for now, I was on the Revolutionary You podcast with Jason Leenaarts.  We chatted about all things carbohydrates and a bit of other stuff.  

I met Jason through the fitness peeps I hang out with on Facebook, and actually had a chance to meet him in person at his studio in the Cleveland area a few weeks back.  

Just a heads up that the part about medium chain fatty acids was edited together nicely by Jason, but sounds a bit choppy because my headset cut out in the middle of the first response.  So I wasn't sure exactly where it happened, tried to repeat some of it, and got my words mixed up.  When you consume a fat like coconut oil, with a lot of medium chain fatty acids, those dietary fats are preferentially burned as they are not usually incorporated into chylomicrons   (12C lauric is somewhat of an exception as it does make its way into body fat).   The long chain fats consumed with these MCFAs -- either from coconut oil, or say, butter in Bulletproof Coffee -- are destined to go straight into your fat tissue!  

So that said, here's your links:  Revolutionary You! #31-Before You Go Low Carb With Evelyn Carbsane

or direct links:  iTunes OR Stitcher OR iHeartRadio


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