Fauxtrage II: It's Getting Mighty Crowded Under Jimmy Moore's Drama Express

Fauxtrage I: Background on Julian Bakery & Jimmy Moore

To recap from Part I:

  • The labeling -- specifically the carb counts -- on the old Julian Bakery breads was inaccurate and misleading.
  • Julian Bakery dragged their feet in the face of concerns and challenges, and despite the fact that their ingredients was highly suspect for the reported counts.
  • A customer tested some of the breads and these tests showed the old breads contained way more carb than indicated on the labels.
  • Julian Bakery discontinued the old breads, reformulated, had the breads tested at Medallion labs, and currently sells them with labels reflecting the results of these tests.
  • Julian Bakery also went into the paleo business and also sells paleo items under the name Paleo Inc.

The Current Issue:

The FDA visited Julian Bakery in February of this year and tested a number of their breads.  Here is the Warning Letter.   Let's boil this down, the "significant violations" are:
  1. Net Carb Zero bread calories are understated by more than 20%.  FDA found calories to be 54.4 per serving vs. 35 cals on label.
  2. Net Carb Zero bread total fat content is overstated.  FDA found 0.72 g per serving vs. 2.5 grams on label.
  3. The "zero net carbs" on the Net Carb Zero label is false or misleading according to Julian's own labeling and definition.  The product label states Total Carb = 9 g, Fiber = 9 g, Sugars = 1 g ... FDA points out that this doesn't add up.
  4. The Paleo Bread protein content does not meet the requirements for use of the labeling claim of "high protein". 
The warning includes the ominous:  "You should take prompt action to correct the violations described in this letter and to establish procedures to ensure these violations do not recur. Failure to do so may result in regulatory action without further notice, including, but not limited to, seizure and/or injunction."

Heath has posted the following rebuttal, I'm not familiar with procedures and such or any other formal responses.  His problem, not mine.  The last item is only a claim issue, not a nutritional content one per se.  If the amount of protein doesn't meet the FDA guidelines for using that claim, drop it.  I would note, however that the first three items all refer to a single product.  If I were Heath, I'd slap the FDA values on the label and move on.  The biggest issue here is the calories (amounting to calories stated in three slices met consuming only two).  While #2 may be mathematically significant, nobody eats bread in order to satisfy their fat intake.  Lastly, I'd swallow the zero net carb thing and just report one net carb.  
Soap Box:  Seriously folks, if you are in the camp where you are anguishing over whether your low carb bread contains an amount of carb that rounds up to 1 gram or down to 0 grams, you REALLY need to check into the Asylum!

I suppose a stand could be made over fiber calories and such, but the target market for these breads doesn't care about calories or fat anyway, not in these puny amounts anyway, and putting half a stick of butter on that slice will solve that pesky fat deficiency problem Jimmy Moore claims Americans are suffering from.   

My bottom line is that this letter is much ado about nothing unless you know the backstory as hinted at in Jimmy Moore's tweet:

Julian had their breads tested by Medallion Labs -- including the Net Carb Zero bread in question.  What more is it that folks are asking of this company at this point?  That is NOT a rhetorical question, and I hope someone can fill me in as to where the lies are in this current situation?

Some More Related Information

Interestingly, back in February (2/26/14 to be exact), while the FDA was visiting Julian to test them, this was how Jimmy Moore's blog looked:

I'll get to the Quest products in a minute here, but what is more interesting are the two bread companies on the opposing side bars.  On the left you have the Wheat Free Market.  There is clearly a relationship between this company and William Davis, but exactly what that is proves near impossible -- interesting for a company that claims how "unlike 'Big Food', [they] have nothing to hide".  

Meanwhile across the way, keto-primaleo Jimmy is sponsoring yet another low carb bread company selling to both the low carb and paleo communities.  Here is the current info on their plain bread.

Ummmmmm ....

Now despite the home page claiming that their products are Lab Tested, I could not find any ready information on the website as to which products (some, all?) were tested, or which lab was used for the testing.   

Question for Jimmy Moore:  In light of the controversy over Julian Bakery breads in which you found yourself embroiled, did you do your due diligence in vetting The Great Low Carb Company before accepting their advertising dollars?
Hypothetical Questions for Jimmy Moore:  If the FDA had inspected The Great Low Carb Company and found their analysis to be in conflict with their labeling, would you have cared?  Would you have believed their own lab tests if they provided them?
Jimmy no longer runs ads for this company, but this doesn't change anything with respect to his own business ethics. Jimmy has been caught red handed enough times in recent years to exercise greater care in his choice of sponsors. The too-busy-to-handle-it-all-one-man-business excuse doesn't fly.

Now as to the Quest Bars -- They present all manner of problems for Jimmy, not the least of which is that he has now blamed eating too much protein for his significant regain over the years of livin la vida low carb.  How can he advertise a bar that contains 20-25% of his daily protein with under 10 grams of fat (and providing well under 10% of his calories).   But ironically, it was back in February that Quest was sued over the fiber content of its bars.   Let it never be forgotten that back in 2011 when Jimmy embarked on his publicity stunt n=1 experiments, he put out a list of products he planned to test.  Funny how he stopped those tests before he ever got around to Quest bars.   
Question for Jimmy Moore:  Have you ever eaten a Quest bar and tested your blood sugar response afterwards?
Quest markets under the slogans "no junk" and "#CheatClean" ... products such as the one pictured at right that I just today was linked to from Jimmy's blog.

Do I need to run down the problems here?  Just looking at the carbs, Jimmy ought to be demanding they itemize that missing 2g of carb on that label!  I'm more bothered by the sucralose there.  That's Splenda folks.  And sunflower lecithin?  Dextrin?  This remains a highly processed, "cleaner" source of protein.  Or, one could eat a chicken breast (gasp!) or a can of tuna, and chomp on a handful of almonds.    

To be clear:  I don't really have a problem with these companies and their products any more than I have a problem with any other food company.  Despite the claims made by people like Jimmy, the Whole9 Hartwigs, and Mark Sisson, paleo isn't really about real whole foods.  If it were, the aforementioned, and others too numerous to list, would not be helping these companies sell products (or selling their own) that they claim to be against on principle.  If you are going to take a stand against particular ingredients -- and don't get me wrong, there's some pretty awful stuff that is marketed as "food" these days!! -- then you need to be consistent about it.  When those same ingredients that Mercola has deemed deadly or the anti-GMO crowd has gotten up in arms about (but two examples) show up on the ingredients list of a product whose manufacturer wants to sell in your venues, using your implied endorsement (or stated one), to your audience ... THAT is a problem.  A problem for YOU.  

I can’t in good conscious [sic] promote something that I myself cannot believe in. Before I work with any company, I personally vet them out for myself to see if what we believe about nutrition and health is on the same page. I’ve turned down some extremely lucrative sponsorship offers from companies to advertise on my blog/podcast simply because I would not expose my fans who trust me to something I’d never use or consume in a million years. It’s a promise I’ll always strive to keep to you for as long as I’m entrusted to sharing information publicly on my sites.
~Jimmy Moore, 11/16/2011 

Since that pronouncement, Jimmy has accepted advertisements for shakes, bars, breads, and whatnot containing ingredients that he finds objectionable as he frequently reminds his social media audience.   I pointed this out a couple of years ago already, and what was the response?  Well, Jimmy and his friends lashed out at me for exposing the fraud, hypocrisy and outright lies he has told.  

Jimmy Gets Mad ... Again!

So in response to Jimmy's tweet about Julian Bakery, Heath seems to initially take the high road but very rapidly turned the tables on Jimmy.  I'm not sure -- given the unfathomable loyalty some still show Jimmy -- that this was in Heath's best interest, and, after all, he got himself in really hot water by linking to this blog.  As far as I'm concerned, Heath is in the right here because Jimmy is throwing him under the bus to hide his own involvement in whatever "scam" occurred circa 2009-11.  

The problem for Jimmy is he has a long record (one that is preserved by the way, even though Jimmy tried to hide it by deleting the menus blog) of consuming "product" such as Heath's under the guise of it being part of the foods that a "real low carber" consumed while maintaining his stellar 180 lb weight loss.  The menus blog was more than just advertisement, it was an ongoing money maker through semi-ambiguous endorsements.  IF these products negatively impacted Jimmy Moore's health and/or weight in any way, then he de facto lied every time he posted to that blog and included them (with affiliate links) on his menus.  There was also the additional sleaze-factor of Jimmy failing to disclose that he routinely received free product in exchange.  Indeed anyone who followed that blog for even a short time knew when a new shipment had arrived, because Jimmy reported eating the stuff du jour every day, often more than once, until it was gone.   While there is really nothing wrong with the practice of supplying free evaluation products, there is a problem when the recipient fails to disclose this information when glowingly reviewing or touting that same product.

Heath then tweeted this image.  I'm surprised that Jimmy didn't counter with how it is incorrect, as he did a couple of years ago with a video by a vegan critic of his.  Perhaps because it sort of agrees with his made up narrative of slow and steady regains since 2006.

Rather, whether it was in Heath's best interest or not (I don't care!), those images are:
  • Left:  Circa April/May 2013 after ~80 lb weight loss on "nutritional ketosis" and weighing ~230 lbs (his original 2004 goal weight).
  • Right:  April 2014, one year after ending his "nutritional ketosis experiment" that is outlined in his book Keto Clarity.
The truth is, that every image that Jimmy himself has posted of himself since he ended his NK experiment has demonstrated a regain.  He has now admitted to 30 lbs of that regain and attributed it to stress of writing a book.  Jimmy Moore claims to have continued eating the way he did in 2012-13 through present day, and this creates an even greater problem for him.  Either:
  • He's not being truthful and has been eating too much chocolate cake steak and chicken breast again that caused his earlier regains, or ...
  • He's being truthful and NuttyK is not working for him any more.
Which is it?  I will not even speculate.  It doesn't matter because Jimmy Moore has lied repeatedly and with such utter disrespect for those who support him that it matters not anymore whether he is being truthful or not in any individual circumstance.  I mean Jimmy's weight struggles are a matter of public record.  When he gets up in front of friendly audiences, often with his wife in the audience, and at least once with her even up there by his side and lies to them about something so basic as his weight?  It's OVER.

Please take the time to watch just the first minute and a half of this speech he gave on the Low Carb Down Under tour in November of 2012.   The slide he has up on the screen is likely this same one he has used for other talks on his nutritional ketosis "experiment" which Ben Greenfield hosts on slideshare.  I took the liberty of annotating the truth in there below (I forgot to include June 2007 when his pre-Kimkins weight had risen to 248 lbs).  

A note to any and all of my critics here.  This is a matter of public record.  Jimmy is lying to you.  Don't get pissed off at ME for pointing this out.  His claims about nutritional ketosis constitute fraud at this point, only there's unfortunately no regulatory body that polices this sort of thing.   And Christine can stop whining about everyone being so mean to her Jimmy, and how nobody knows the troubles he's seen, and how he is being attacked and lied about.  No Christine Moore, your husband is a liar, according to the dictionary definition of the term, and an accusation that is extremely and meticulously well documented and backed by evidence of Jimmy's own public statements.  

I'm Surprised My Head Didn't Explode!

In response to Heath's "attacks" Jimmy took to Facebook:

And a followup comment from Jimmy:

It's pretty funny to watch the behavior of someone who got caught lying and now is trying to deflect attention away from that.
Yeah, it is pretty funny Jimmy! Every single time you have gotten caught lying you've attacked the messenger -- often me -- rather than coming clean, accepting responsibility and asking for forgiveness.  

Julian Bakery and Heath Squier did NOT get caught lying here.  The FDA analysis of their bread differed with that they received from a different lab.   You, Jimmy Moore, are another case entirely, and the lies are too numerous to list at this point.

Jimmy Writes a Blog Post!

Back in 2009 when I first came across Jimmy's blog, he still posted fairly regularly there:  news items, commentary on studies, etc.  He saves most of that for social media these days.  His blogging consists of mostly podcast, get together and book signings these days.  In 2012-13 there were monthly updates on his NuttyK experiment, but after that, there's been little to nothing there.  Jimmy decided to go the controversy route way back in 2010 when he attacked James Krieger's Insulin series.  He had me on his podcast to provide a reason to have Gary Taubes on yet another time as his new book fell relatively flat.  He would eventually follow up the insulin data dump with his safe starches roundup.  And so it went.  When he returned to his podcast from his hiatus when writing Cholesterol Clarity, he booked John McDougall.  He carefully edited out snippets to preview that made McDougall seem as unreasonable as possible in order to whet his fans' appetite.  Jimmy told Sean Croxton recently that he would take that interview back!  LOL.  No he wouldn't.  There was nothing suspicious about McDougall's appearance, Jimmy had been hounding him for years to come on.  Not only did Jimmy do advance teasers, he re-issued an encore of sorts on YouTube.   Why?  Because he was successful in garnering sympathy for being "personally attacked".  Here's the thing Jimmy:  "look at me, I'm healthy and losing weight" is fine, but then when someone says "look at you, you're not healthy and gaining weight" that is also a perfectly legitimate point!!!  [Especially when losing weight is Jimmy's sole qualification]

Jimmy lives on controversy these days, to deflect attention from what is really going on.  I'm tired of him blaming me for his moral failings.  And by moral failings, I'm not talking about gluttony and sloth so don't even go there, and I'm not talking about his weight.  I'm talking about his lies.  Period.  Controversy once again?  Write a blog post and blame your critics ...

Fool Me Once, Shame on You.  Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.

So goes the opening salvo on Jimmy's latest attempts to save face as he tries to sell Keto Clarity after having regained significant weight yet again.  This is important because he is encouraging others to follow suit to improve their health and for weight loss -- who is he kidding with this "weight loss was a pleasant side effect but it's not a panacea" crap?!

Jimmy desperately needs old and new alike to consider him a de facto expert, a voice of authority, a leader, a credible source of information on low carb diets and nutrition in general.  Despite it not working for him, he's going for the "coach" model of credibility (by that I mean many coaches are successful at training clients yet do not appear to walk the walk).   The problem there is that his followers have realized no greater long term success than he has -- the proverbial elephant in the room that has become increasingly difficult to ignore.

But Jimmy Moore would not be where he is were it not for losing 180 lbs on the Atkins diet in 2004.  He has no other qualifications.  None.  What he has are marketing skills and that used car salesman (the stereotype) conscience (or lack thereof) to be able to keep on selling.   It is too bad he uses the former with the ethics of the latter.  Until he gets caught.

And here is where I got the idea for the bus cartoon, because what is continuing to unfold with Julian Bakery is a pattern for Jimmy Moore.  With JB it went this:
  • Marketed and profited off of a product, maintaining a "safe distance" for plausible deniability.
  • Dismissed or ignored queries from readers about the authenticity of the carb content
  • Acted as mediator and medium when controversy stirred, making sure to remind folks that he wasn't ever really involved while having Heath on his LLVLC podcast to explain
  • Someone ELSE outed the fraudulent product, then
  • Acted as crusader and protector against former sponsor so as to be seen as the good guy looking out for his readers
  • Updates, crows and gloats over any developments to prop up his image and generate publicity.
But this has happened before.   First, back in 2006.  Jimmy:
  • Marketed the Kimkins diet plan(s) for months and even went on the diet himself in mid 2007 (lost 36 lbs in not much more than a month) while failing to disclose his affiliate relationship.  
  • Had "Kimmer" on his podcast and failing to acknowledge he was aware of her true identity.
  • A group of women (? any men involved ?) known as the Ducks finally hired a private investigator to expose the fraudulent behavior of Heidi Diaz, the woman behind the program, who used false "after" photos from a Russian brides dating site while remaining obese b/c her own program didn't work for her.
  • Hailed his involvement with the DA in prosecuting Diaz, blasted KK plans as unsafe and unhealthy (after denying that his K/E version of unlimited lean protein and veggies -- tres paleofique! -- was dangerous at the time or as things unfolded), even started his own discussion board so that displaced KK dieters would have a place to congregate.
  • Updated progress in the case and eventual resolution on his blog and to this day holds up that program as fraudulent and a testament to the "dangers" of low fat diets!
At least with Kimkins, in between, there was some acknowledgement of his wrongdoing.  This is all still there in his mea culpa.  Please READ IT if you have never done so before.   

While the Dreamfields saga occurred more concurrently with the JB saga, there are the same parallels there and since this pretty much ended with a settlement, one could say this is example #2:
  • Marketed the product for years, in this case even lauding the product specifically for helping him stay on his LC diet without any carb craving monsters!
  • Dismissed or ignored inquiries from readers -- in this case, again, he specifically stated on his menus blog that DF didn't negatively impact him.
  • Had the DF founder on to explain "protected carbs" etc. 
  • Andreas "Diet Doctor" Eenfeldt and a clinical trial published in a peer review journal (had to be withdrawn due to lack of pre-study consent/notice) outed the fraudulence of this product
  • He linked to all of the exposes as if they were his own 
  • He linked to every update including a settlement.

  1. Fool me once, shame on you:  Jimmy & Kimkins
  2. Fool me twice, shame on me:  Jimmy & Dreamfields
What does that make fool me three times?  Four?  Five?  I've lost count.

You Forgot David Duke!

When I tweeted my bus cartoon  the other day, the one shown here, a friend on Facebook commented that I forgot David Duke.  I didn't forget him, but I wanted to draw just the parallels between products that Jimmy Moore has actively and enthusiastically promoted and profited from over the years.  In my three examples he first supported and promoted, then hedged, hung on as long as he could to eek out more profits, then backed away.  Ultimately all three were thrown under the bus and there's Jimmy driving along as if he didn't even notice the bump in the road.  Wha?  Who me?  Of course he is not responsible for the behavior of others, but he IS responsible -- as he told is readers emphatically in late 2011, and as he promised them four years earlier -- for using his influence wisely.  So when he misuses his influence to help sell products he doesn't really believe in, that's on him.  And when he gives people exposure and expert status,  like Jack Kruse and Bill Wilson, that's on him.

The Duke saga parallels Kimkins in ways the other two food episodes do not.  Those two scandals -- and that is the appropriate word for it -- were more about Jimmy's actions themselves.    With Kimkins, he could pretend to not have known the truth about Diaz/Kimmer, but in the end, it wasn't she who caused him to lie, alter comments on his articles, etc.   He made a lot of money -- conservative estimates hover around $15,000 -- and did not disclose this fact while he was making it and promoting the diet.   When things went south, he initially became ornery and combative (sound familiar?) and defensive ... he lashed out, censored and deleted unflattering or incriminating comments and the like ... but when his position became indefensible, he gathered himself and issued an apology.  The whole internet marketing gig was new enough back then, and his apology sincere enough that most gave him a pass.  He fooled them once, but shame on him.

David Duke?  This was a much shorter saga, and nobody will ever know what was going on in Jimmy Moore's head to make him think it was acceptable to go on the radio program of such a notorious character.  I think he's lying about the whole thing, but I cannot prove that so I will not say he's a neo-Nazi or a racist or whatever in the public discourse of this blog.  What I will say, however, is that he lied.  There is no dispute.  He lied about how it came to be that he appeared on that radio program.  If you don't believe that then you need to go have your head examined.  Seriously.  

Interestingly, not that long ago I tracked a link back to the Low Carb Friends forum where the whole sorry Kimkins affair began.  They were discussing some post of mine and someone commented that I've had it out for Jimmy since then.  Ummm ... I didn't even know Jimmy until two years after that so you can't blame any of that on me.  Are the Ducks now personas non grata?  Were they "haters"??    Because I was not the only person to catch on to the inconsistencies in Jimmy Moore's telling of events in his non-apology apology for the Duke fiasco.  

Here's what happened:
  • Jimmy went on Duke's show
  • Jimmy announced it on FB and encouraged folks to go have a listen
  • He was asked if it was the "infamous" DD, he replied "Yep!"
  • Two weeks later Jimmy listed David Duke as a low carb/paleo/nutrition blog to check out in his periodic "I'm going out of town" lists.  
  • He was called on it and responded that he didn't endorse the man's beliefs and they only talked nutrition.  DD's nutrition was "spot on"
  • The sheet hit the fan and Jimmy deleted it all but not before the evidence had been preserved.
This was his response:  If I’m A Neo-Nazi, Then I Guess Dr. William Davis And Dr. Doug McGuff Are Too? .  Seriously, if you have an iota of sympathy for this guy and his supposed "persecution" ... read that.  Again if you need to. 
  • He begins by telling us his wife is upset.  Stop upsetting her with your lies then Jimmy!
  • "I guess it was my Christmas/birthday present this week from my enemies" -- yeah, your "enemies" made up the whole thing!
  • They're calling me a neo-Nazi -- only nobody that I'm aware actually did that
  • Why is everybody always picking on me?  
  • This is "the latest sneak attack on my good reputation in the latest attempt to bring me down" -- you did this to yourself Jimmy.
  • These people are mean, rabblerousers, naysayers ... yada yada yada ... read on for yourselves
He goes on to claim he didn't even know what a neo-Nazi is/was?!  Yeah, that's believable, but maybe he's really that stupid.  His claim, not mine.  But I also want you to read the following rather short blog post by "Just Ducky" entitled When You Lie in Plain Sight.   The FACTS according to Jimmy are that in October 2012 a reader sent him some links to Duke's website which he checked out.  One cannot go to that website and not know that is *THE* David Duke.  Period.  Jimmy emailed Duke to invite him on the LLVLC show only Duke preferred that Jimmy go on his program first.  Which he did.   This is the version of events Jimmy Moore told his readers in his own non-apology.  

Per Ducky's post, he did not know of the Davis or McGuff appearances until after the fact.  Later he claimed that Duke used their appearances to convince him to come on the program.  McGuff commented on his blog about being duped into appearing after Duke contacted him.  Jimmy said that's "precisely" what happened to him.  Only that doesn't mesh with his own telling.  Therefore one or the other version is a lie.  It's all here.  I am running short of time to supply the links and this post is running long.  Use the search please.

So on Facebook when Jimmy said:
It's pretty funny to watch the behavior of someone who got caught lying and now is trying to deflect attention away from that.

I can only conclude at this point that he finds his reflection in the mirror humorous.

Jimmy & Julian Today:

It seems clear that Jimmy is having some PR problems promoting Keto Clarity given that ketosis is clearly failing him.  On the backdrop of many prominent members of the low carb or paleo communities either openly embracing more carbs in their diets or admitting that they did so all along,  it has become problematic for Jimmy to promote his extreme diet with unknown health implications and zero long term track record in any population.  A year ago before he began writing the book, at least folks were falling over themselves congratulating him on his success.

Who is being dishonest here?

I'm sorry, but unless there is more information that comes to light here, it's not Heath Squier, whatever his past transgressions may have been.  His company is selling products from ingredients found in most recipe books authored by many in the community and/or in "approved" products marketed to this day by Jimmy Moore and others in the community.     The FDA found relatively minor issues, and Health says these have been resolved.  Again, unless it comes to light that these were more egregious than originally thought, new warnings are issued, etc., I don't see a controversy here.

Jimmy Moore, OTOH, continues to lie about his weight history as he has been doing each time he takes the stage to discuss his n=1 nutritional ketosis experiment.  Here's what he has to say in Chapter 9 of Keto Clarity:

In the spring of 2012, I read The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, a book by two fabulous low-carb and ketogenic diet researchers named Dr. Jeff Volek and Dr. Stephen Phinney [who by the way are not quoted as experts in the book].  In it, they explained the science behind ketogenic diets for athletes who are keenly interested in optimizing their exercise performance and argued that burning fat and using ketones as the body’s primary fuel source provides better, longer-lasting energy for exercise performance than carbohydrates. 
It was in this book that I first learned about blood ketone testing and the concept they called “nutritional ketosis,” which I’ll refer to as “NK” from here on. While Volek and Phinney admit that blood ketone testing strips are “relatively expensive”, they make a compelling case for giving it a go: “Is this (hassle/expense) worth . . . pricking your finger once per day for a month or two? Based upon our experience working with many people, we think that the answer is ‘yes.’” On the annual Low-Carb Cruise I helped organize and lead in 2012, I announced to a crowd of over 250 people that I would be testing NK for ninety days to see what would happen. In fact, Dr. Volek himself was in attendance as one of the special guest speakers that year, and he presented an awesome lecture outlining the benefits of NK. 
At the time, I was struggling with a bit of weight regain, lackluster sleep, and constant fatigue, despite eating what I thought was a pretty good low-carb, high-fat diet. So when I decided to begin this n=1 test, I was hoping to figure out what I was doing wrong. During the experiment, I always checked my blood ketones using the Precision Xtra blood ketone meter in the morning after I woke up and while in a fasted state; at the same time, I also checked my weight and blood sugar levels. I repeated the blood ketone and blood sugar tests at night at least four hours after my last meal. This ritual became part of my daily routine for an entire year.
Firstly, despite his weight gain, Jimmy Moore in interview after interview in the months leading up to May of 2012 insisted that he was in the best health of his life.  Atkins had been his saving grace.  He was "livin la vida low carb" and enjoying his healthy low carb high fat diet.   In a court of law, the above paragraph would not pass the "truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" standard.  In no context is an 80 (94 really) pound regain "a bit".  None.  Again it boggles the mind why he would lie given as the whole saga was documented monthly on his blog and included images such as this one:

direct image link to picture from the LLVLC blog

Make no mistake, Jimmy Moore was milking the success for all he could at the time and no doubt it had something to do with his inking of the second book deal to write Keto in 2013.  That is what he always did when he was losing weight.  And when he was gaining, the updates would go silent until the next great reveal.

Enough is enough here.  Jimmy ends his blog post with:
THE BOTTOM LINE: I have no use for lying liars who lie again and again and then lash out when someone calls them on it. The arrogance and defiance of this immature young man will catch up to him someday and he’ll certainly get what’s coming to him. Hopefully he’ll grow up, act responsibly, and stop making health claims about his Julian Bakery breads that are completely bogus for people on a low-carb or Paleo diet. I’m not holding my breath, but we won’t get fooled again.
I agree.  Jimmy Moore has no use for himself.  Jimmy is too old to be encouraged to grow up, so instead let's just encourage him to act his age and responsibly.  Hopefully he'll stop making health claims about his extreme diet that he encourages others to follow when it doesn't even work for him.  Perhaps he'll stop lashing out at those who simply call him on his misbehavior and take ownership of it for a change.

I'm not holding my breath, but if any single one of my critics has read this and you STILL want to lash out at ME?  You are a fool.


Greta Carbo said…
It will be interesting to see the outcome of the QuestBar lawsuit (I typo-ed lawshit haha), a battle of ingredient analysis, the label versus reality. I think the speculations in the link have merit, perhaps light will be shone on testing methods, and further, on these newer ingredients as well. I think food manufacturing changes most natural ingredients and their extracts so I am skeptical of carageenan, inulin and many others that we find on food labels - so these newer ones too.
carbsane said…
You raise an interesting point about processing of these fibers. Inulin is a soluble fiber that is present in a lot of foods like onions and various "sweet" roots and tubers. But does the extraction of this fiber into fine powdered form alter its digestibility? Is it possible that the oligosaccharides are subject to breakdown in the human digestive system when highly processed, rather than relying on the partial and less efficient means of energy extraction via the gut bacteria?
River Rance said…
Why is Moore not outraged by his "fathead" friend photo shopping him in a Nazi uniform and adding a Hitler mustache, as if the SS lapel and swastika arm band didn't paint a pretty good word picture? No public rebuke?...only people Moore refers to as "haters" are simply people that demand he quit lying and tell the truth about his diet failures. The JM devotees probably think it's all in good humor as well....perhaps every dogma does have its day! Such a fool.
John Smith said…
Having been in the same position that JM is in now (a heart attack weighting to happen) I am always amazed that people are unwilling to simply give up processed foods. Aside from the virtue of simplicity it is highly effective. If you have to read the label to determine the ingredients then you are already off on the wrong foot, a chicken doesn't have an ingredients label nor does an apple.

I'm not saying this approach is for everyone but if you are a man in your forties or older, are carrying around an extra 40-50 pounds, are mostly sedentary, and have blood work numbers that make your doctor gasp, then you have reached the point where processed paleo or low-carb products are an indulgence that you just can't afford because there's a good chance you will get to enjoy a massive heart attack somewhere down the road.
Nigel Kinbrum said…
Is it possible that JM has actually gone completely bat-shit delusional (due to his diet or w.h.y.) and believes everything that he says?
carbsane said…
The problem here, and why I consider Westman and even Dayspring to be irresponsible in contributing to this, is that Jimmy Moore has convinced himself that he is healthy. Furthermore, he's convinced others. Cholesterol Clarity was all about this, and whatever popularity the book enjoyed was amongst those with similar health profiles who would rather be lied to that everything is OK than face the reality.

In the context of the SAD, there is absolutely zero danger in cutting fat in our diets. Zero. With the exception of young children, we have billions of humans who have not only survived but thrived on diets far FAR lower in fat than we consume -- 1900, 1950, 2000, whenever.

So the best you will get Westman or Dayspring to say publicly is that "we don't know" about astronomical LDL with low CRP. At least Dayspring will call Jimmy's lipids what they are -- "nightmarish" -- but he gets all choked up over carbs because he's been snowed by Taubes.
Nigel Kinbrum said…
Inulin is a polysaccharide of fructose sub-units.

Whatever would Dr. Lustig say?
carbsane said…
In my opinion he is a pathological liar. This is a person who has repeated their lies so often that they have come to believe them as truth. He's probably pass a polygraph on some of these issues at this point.
Nigel Kinbrum said…
I thought that JM was deeply religious. Wouldn't that cause a massive conflict to a pathological liar? Could he have something like http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/faking-it-people-who-live-a-lie-523011.html ?
carbsane said…
Don't mention religion Nigel ... he'll accuse you of hating on his religion! Seriously though, I have no idea what drives him, nor do I really care. I can imagine that he likely has grown to believe the story of his life that he's concocted through selective memory. If this is the case, his "friends" should help him get help in dealing with that rather than helping him further the lies. They will catch up with him sooner or later.
charles grashow said…
John Smith said…
I don't know why reading the label doesn't work for so many people, it didn't work for me. I used to parse the labels carefully to make sure I was getting the most bang for my caloric buck. What worked for me was making my own meals, still being cognizant of the calories and the macro-nutrients, and over a period of years becoming more physically active. I used to love Lean Cuisine but it never did make me lean.
Sanjeev Sharma said…
> why reading the label doesn't work for so many people,

maybe because drive-to-consume[1] (misleadingly called reward) values can't realistically be listed yet

[1] aka "will eventually drive your brain to seek in toto over the next month" values
David Pete said…
I would think it would make it easier
Nigel Kinbrum said…
I saw what you did, there! :-D

At least Dayspring tried on the lipid front, but for the most part, he fell for Jimmy's selection bias trap and will forever remain partially quoted in a book promoting a theory and argument that he vehemently disagrees with on some serious fundamental levels. A bit of a shame that he lacked the foresight necessary in his field when conveying important points to opportunistic yellow journalists gunning for a sensational editorial slant.
River Rance said…
In the southern US....among professed "Christians" like JM....the saying goes...." Do it in the name of the Lord, 'cause you can justify it in the end". All JM has to do is pray for forgiveness and the slate is wiped clean...it's unconscionable....but that's how he does it.
Jane Karlsson said…
That Independent article is very illuminating, Nigel. This is what you think of me, isn't it.
Greta Carbo said…
Precisely. FOSes and much studied too both as a natural substance and as a processed product in highly processed foods.

Lustig, is there a bobblehead yet? will fulminate. Me? I am going to hide the artichokes.
Greta Carbo said…
[1] Fulminating gibberish.

Sorry, that's the best I can do. My coding skills and l33t speak are so primitive that I am being studied for my diet by paleo researchers. I almost understand your code snippet, amusing.
Greta Carbo said…
In my reading, these fibers are mostly easily digested and if not, the symptoms are usually mild. Foods with this additive are perhaps a bit worse. My sources are on a defunct, dead in its dotage, old computer. I will trek the web again after awhile but first I need to check out the insulin, cortisol, hormone of your choice, effect on blood sugar. And specially as I think oligosaccharides are important in understanding.

Fructose as in HFCS that is. I have seen a few comments on the production methods of making HFCS but unfortunately none of these gave sources. I had started my own investigations and in one instance found that a HFCS method had to be modified to REDUCE the offending product. Emphasis mine (how do you write in italics, or strikeout? Is there html capability?) This manufacturer did go to another method though, as the levels of this extraneous molecule were too high.

The other biggie was that there were some suspicious oligosaccharides found in some samples of HFCS, being sometimes much sweeter than expected. These oligos were less than 8% of the total. There was also evidence that these had properties not usually associated with these sugars. I went into nutritional deja vu thinking of Mary Enig's description of trans fat as being who knows what they are and how they are metabolized? A loose paraphrase from Know Your Fats. I would sure like to see some references as without proofs, it is little better, nay worse, than conjecture. However, whether one can conjecture or not, the proof is on the manufacturer.

I think much of how fructose is addressed in the media and select portions of cyberspace, misses the point. There are several areas of red herringdom and the manufacure of HFCS is a major issue. HFCS != cane sugar, notwithstanding the 8% higher levels of fructose in HFCS. That is, cane sugar is a relatively pure product and HFCS is not. Not for me, not until it is proven pure.
Greta Carbo said…
The linked article gives background on several people that I have wondered about for a long time. Does JyMr read this website? If so, he might be going after a movie deal now...
Greta Carbo said…
Naw, it's the PTL ministry, Praise The Lipid, what done made him do it.
Sanjeev Sharma said…
Praise The Lipid and pass the kidney stone[0] ... I can't wait for "pain clarity"

[0] from the old "Praise The Lord and pass the bullets"
Sanjeev Sharma said…
what's possible when one realizes they're mistaken:

carbsane said…
Pain Clarity - What the
Frak is wrong with My Back!
Just Ducky said…
Back in 2006, Jimmy DID NOT write his mea culpa. Look at the style, look at the flow, look at the vocabulary; not his writing.
carbsane said…
You've mentioned this before and I tend to agree. Any idea who did write it and why? His more recent defenses (Duke and Julian) have been far less eloquent and dig his hole deeper and deeper.
Greta Carbo said…
I have not seen enough of Jimmy's writings yet to make a judgment, but I have sensed some rather sophisticated damage control. The Jimmy section of Naughton's roast video struck me as more like propaganda than a roast. I don't know much about the other roastees so I can't tell if Jimmy's roast was more pointed or not, but it did strike me as odd. The poor taste of the roast makes sense though if its purpose is to address his scandalous indiscretions (do any of other roastees have scandals and were they addressed in the same way?) and thus dissipate them or at least attenuate them by minimizing their importance. (See, it's really not important and anyway it's all one blogger so who cares.) From this point of view, the "disappearance" part is a red herring, and without the Kimkins and nazi bits might actually be funny.

I was amused at the reaction to the Twitter and FB logos followed by the greater reaction to the Carbsane logo. It told me immediately that everybody in this part of the diet/food part of the world knows each other and that there are few secrets here.

If there was a "team meeting" to chart to plot a retreat from this unpleasantness, the pointing of fingers to Dr Davis and Dr McGuff to excuse JM's behavior is another major lack of judgment. So I suspect this was Jimmy Moore's idea.

I don't know what's going on with his weight yo-yo-ing, just life for all I know, like he eats too much sometimes. The Kimkins thing is a little sleazy but maybe not, JM, he is in the selling business. I wish we lived in a better world than we do but we don't yet, so the David Duke thing and Jimmy's overall reaction is seriously lacking in judgment and tarnishes his image. Perhaps the roasting video is not planned damage control and this is a tempest in a teapot, but the pointing of fingers to others to deflect attention to himself really rubs me the wrong way.
Just Ducky said…
His most recent defenses are his, they are his writing style; the Kimkins apology is not, in any way, his style of writing. It is too long, too well put together, flows coherently, and pointedly addresses every concern that was thrown at him without once pointing the finger at someone else. It is not Jimmy.

I do not know for sure who wrote it. I have my suspicion and that lies in the first paragraph of his apology. I only noticed it now, this read since you posted the link again. I've long suspected he did not pen the apology, but now I have some digging to do to see if I can uncover the true author.
Just Ducky said…

In the last few months I have made some very real mistakes which have caused many people to question my intentions and motivations here at my blog. Admittedly, I was unwilling to listen to the criticism from those who were only trying to help me and I began growing frustrated to the point that my frustrations got the better of me.


So forgive me if I’m not hurriedly responding to this accusation and that accusation about me online that may pop up from time to time. Life’s just too short to become entrapped by the measly squabbles that run rampant across the World Wide Web. I cannot believe I’m putting off my much-needed trip to the gym to lift some heavy iron and instead spending hours of my limited time responding to this today–but I suppose it is a necessary evil to clear the air about what I’ve been seeing and hearing out there about me.

The first is not him, not his tone, not his style, not his narcissistic approach to everything he writes. The Duke post is him writing, starting with the guilt trip that everyone made Christine cry, then goes on and on about how he had no idea what a neo-Nazi is, onto his righteous indignation at having to even write a post to address the issue and can't just go to the gym, and throws others under the bus for good measure. No one this pathological would be able to write the Kimkins apology, they can't reflect inward to even acknowledge any wrong doing as they're always the victim.
carbsane said…
Jimmy threw Davis & McGuff right on under there as well. In both of those cases where was *somewhat* plausible deniability in that Duke himself basically told his audience he'd tricked them into coming on. http://carbsanity.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-jimkkkins-trio-what-did-they-know.html

Naughton is sure an oddball. As has been pointed out here recently, if I had done the SS photoshop (which BTW I would have never thought to do) there would have been outrage. I was called to task recently for saying that his weight "ballooned up" in 2011, but Naughton uses that same word about his weight and nobody seems to mind. Certainly adds to the faux outrage angle if there's any coordination to it.
carbsane said…
This would be interesting ;-)

I am quite surprised at this point that so many long term followers keep with him. The newbies I can see, because they aren't given anywhere near an honest version of events. Just boggles ...
Karl H. said…
God, I love this blog! It truly does offer Sanity from the Paleo, Low-Carb, and High-Fat lunacy. Thank you Evelyn, Sanjeev Sharma, and Charles Grashow, in particular.
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