Latest in Paleo Podcast Appearance

Last Friday (Sept. 16, 2016 for those who may stumble upon this in the future), I had the pleasure of being a guest on Angelo Coppola's Latest in Paleo podcast.

I had/have a post on the main topic discussed -- the *SMOKING GUN* that the sugar industry funded a study 50 years ago, and *O*M*G* -- in the works, and was not even half done by the time recording came around.  I was also trying to get in the last bit of summer.  

This link  will go live when that post is finally published (hopefully later today or tonight):  The Slimey Truth About Sugar Slammers

I have not had a chance to listen yet, so hopefully this isn't even necessary.  But, due to my passion on the topic and being mid blogging swirl, I'm sure I was quite animated at times.  It was a new format for Angelo's podcast, and for me as a guest as well.   I may well have talked over the other guest, Meredith Rhodes (a.k.a The Forward Health Coach; Forward Health Coach ; Twitter: @geomert ; Podcast: Adventures in Humaning ; Facebook: Adventures in Humaning ).   If that happened, I extend my sincere apologies to her for doing so, and to Angelo as well for making his job harder.  Let's hope I didn't do too badly!